Article gig video setting


How do i make my video as a primary without the picture in front, like i want the video to be previewed instead of picture.


It takes a while for the video to update after you’ve uploaded it.

I had a look at your profile, and it has updated so your video appears as the gig preview. :slightly_smiling_face:


You just need to upload your video on the gig, and waith 12 to 48 hours to verification… just dat, the video its always on the front of any gig… late you can edit the minute of video you want to show on the miniature.


Why doesn’t the thumbnail appear as the selected one?


Ah - video thumbnails are slightly different.

Now your video’s been accepted, go into ‘my gigs’ and click the drop down for your gig, then edit video. Play the video and then pause where you want the thumbnail to be. Then save your choice and the gig.

It’ll take a few hours to update, so don’t keep going back to update it - it will eventually!


@tom_alfredo_69, The other thread closed where you apologized. You did the right thing. I am proud of you. Your profile looks very much improved. However, your writing gig still has many errors, and people who want to buy writing gigs will not hire someone who can not punctuate properly. When you make a period. (.) There should be a space after it and before the next word. I hope you remember that when you write for others. Good luck. Are you working with a partner? I saw another person in your video. I am proud of all the young people who are working hard on Fiverr to better themselves. Good luck. :grinning:


Thanks miss i am very happy to have such an experienced teachers alongside me,ok so now i will put space after periods, could you also please tell me that after the commas is there a space before or after putting it.
P.s it’s me and my friend working together,we hope our hard work could pay off to us.
Thanks again.


Use “I” not “i”. the comma goes after the word then a space.