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[Article Writers] Review my profile

Have a look and suggest if any improvements can be made.

In a nutshell, I would describe myself as observant and peaceful.An electrical engineer by trade, my greatest passion is to write and translate my thoughts into words.My other interests range from various sports such as cricket and football to reading about the recent events in the world of science and tech.
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It says what is important to you - how about what might be important to a potential buyer?


Thanks for the advice.Is this advice with regards to profile description or gig description ?

I’m guessing profile description, aka the text you pasted above.

Ditch the ‘the’ before ‘recent events’

Reading about recent events

Better than

Reading about the recent events

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Actually it’s a link to my profile so I thought people are visiting it but I guess it’s reasonable since somehow the whole profile description also ended up being copied.

Duly noted.If possible, do visit the link as well and provide any valuable feedback about the gigs as well.

Go for ‘will be’ rather than ‘would be’

“I would love to sort out any of your queries.”


“I will gladly answer any of your questions”

I am too lazy to read the rest.

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Thanks for taking out the time to go through this one.

It is related to the profile you linked to, but also applies to your gigs.

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