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Article writers - what are some examples of topics you get asked to write on?


I’m working on setting up a few gigs, but I want to make sure I know what I’m getting myself into, so if it’s possible please let me know what kind of requests you get from buyers! Thank you!


I wrote about a little bit of everything. Popular topic: cosplay and anything revolving around dressing up. Second popular was research articles and third online game reviews.

A lot has changed over the months but there will almost always be a need for research articles on varying subjects.


Hmmm. I get such a ridiculous variety it’s almost unbelievable.

Seriously, I wrote 600 words on boobs yesterday and today I wrote 1,000 words on a bed.

Your best bet would be to see what subject specific gigs are selling the most. :slight_smile:

  • Steven


Thank you guys!


That depends what type of article you love to write. I love to write Medical research articles and Real estate articles so normally I accept this range and sometimes I also write on Furniture and Hotels


I have placed a list of the topics I’m familiar with on my gig page - this has brought in my main repeat buyers - but I still often get orders for lots of different topics. I’ve written practically everything - from “what to look for in buying a rabbit hutch” (as a pet owner, an easy one for me) to betting and gambling articles (requiring research!).

If you’re approached with an order or request and you don’t want to write the topic, you can say no or cancel - for topics that I know I will need to conduct a fair amount of research on, I ask the buyer to either purchase a gig extra or provide some links to research themselves - most prefer to just purchase, but some do provide info beforehand, which is always good!

I’m actually going to stop my writing gig soon - happy to refer any of my existing buyers for you if I can’t fit them into my new schedule!