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Article Writing..............Do you all have to spin

I have tried and tried to get a decent article writer that does not have 20 or so buyers in the queue. I always try to find someone that’s either new or their timescales are a day or two.

Okay so i check out a few sales pitches and 99% never mentions spinning, yet all my “completed gigs” are offerings that are very badly spun content using a free spinner or TBS.

If you are an article “writer” then please write because most of your buyers also know how to cut and paste.

My other reason for choosing a new seller is this. If I get a badly spun article sent to me I simply let them have the $5 and leave negative feedback and then they have to set up yet another account as nobody will touch them.

Please, please writer write and spinning sux

Unique content does not have a negative impact on your website, however, spun content does. Infinityplusone said that paying for spun cotent is useless. We offer original and unique content.

Reply to @infinityplusone: To some degree however, If sellers are making sales pitches using words like unique, professional, well researched and the usual sales patter your buyer is going to expect just that. If its word count then sellers should then cut the amount of words as it frustrates buyers and wastes their time as they have to find articles from elsewhere.

Okay so before i get jumped on…when i said “all” that means everyone and thats too harsh. A lot of article writers I have been in contact with :slight_smile:

I personally don’t spin my articles on my writing service. However, I am sure a lot of writers here on Fiverr spin their content. My advice would be to keep trying out a few writers, find one you like, and stick with him/her.

I’ve never ever spun an article. All my articles, posts or web content we’re created from scratch.

Spinning is not right.

The problem is how people price themselves and the amount of orders they take. If you consider the $4 we get from the base gig, in order to make even minimum wage writing you have to write 3-4 articles an hour. How do you research a topic (we’re not all born knowing everything) and put real craftsmanship into something all in 20 minutes? You do it either by limiting your word count per gig or what those people are doing which is spinning.

Reply to @googlemaster: I don’t believe in spinning and won’t do it because a) it sounds stupid, b) I’ll look like I’m stupid, and c) did I mention “stupid”?

However, it’s the “too good to be true” thing that buyers should look out for. Anyone willing to write 500-600 words for $4 and prices themselves lower than a penny a word, either isn’t a good writer and knows it, or someone whose cost of living is far, far lower than that of the US/Canada/UK because I certainly cannot afford to work at that rate and still have things like “food” or "shelter."

People who are willing to pay for it are the bigger fools because Google’s new AI basically renders it useless.

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Reply to @infinityplusone: No disrespect intended, but I have to disagree. I am currently offering to write TWO 500 word articles for only $5. And no, these aren’t spun articles. I write each and every article manually. Now, do I pour hours upon hours of research into them? No. But I do make sure I have a good grasp on what I am writing about. Do I end up working for way less than minimum wage? Heck yea! But I enjoy writing. And for those who are wondering why I am offering TWO articles instead of one, the answer is simple. I am in the process of building up some feedback. We can all agree the article creation market is saturated. So in order to create that initial flow of orders, I had to offer more than the usual Fiverr seller.

infinityplusone said: People who are willing to pay for it are the bigger fools because Google's new AI basically renders it useless.

Yeah, it's pretty hard to out-smart Google search algorithms. What's even funnier is that when people try to game the search algorithm for better results with cheap tricks, the search algorithm will sometimes down-rate or even remove the site in question from search results.

Reply to @thecreativeguys: I don’t actually have a problem with people using PLR that has been spun BUT that means when they state they are offering that up front. Also, I agree that spinning is wrong if done on material the spinner has no rights to use. If I offered spinning (and I don’t right now) I would also give a buyer a higher word count for spinning since it’s much less work.

It’s not easy for buyers to find a bargain with original work because a lot of the cheap and high word-count gigs are going to give either plagiarized content or content that has been run through an online spinner. (Spinning does by a real writer can come out without a ton of errors, at least.)

My recommendation to buyers like @googlemaster is to look for writers who display good sample work, state clearly the work is original, and look for either low word count at bargain rates or higher word count at higher rates. In addition, be sure to correspond with the seller if they are open to it so you can see that they can write well in English and communicate to your satisfaction. You can learn a lot before placing an order.

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I’m new to selling on Fiverr and while I have started “honest” gigs, I do get tempted to go over to the dark side considering the time it takes to do something like article spinning, writing multiple, fake reviews, etc.

I am not against anyone who do these gigs and more power to them. I just feel a bit uneasy doing those considering the long term “work” I would enjoy doing but as I said the temptation gets strong watching your gig with no buyers.

I guess the gigs on Fiverr come down to two types: the ones you would enjoy working with and the ones you have to work with to start earning money.

Reply to @expertwriternic: I think what infinity means is that it’s hard to offer these deals consistently.

At first Fiverr is fun, but working hundreds and hundreds of hours below the minimum wage just isn’t sustainable. That’s why so many good writers quit this site or raise their prices drastically.

It can be hard for people who want to pay $5 for 500+ words because that rate is essentially well below the market rate and anybody good at what they do isn’t going to stay there for too long. Still, there are some who manage to offer that though, even though finding a good writer at that price who can offer you long term reliability is rare.

Reply to @fonthaunt: That’s the reason I offer my regular 500 quality word gig that is not spun and highly engaging, but I deliver free keywords with each article. That is my “FREE” extra…

Reply to @infinityplusone: That’s not true. I offer 500 words. Plus free keywords. For $5.00. Usually the buyer tips me and orders again which I really rely on otherwise, yes, you’re right.

Reply to @expertwriternic: I am also a newbie offering 2 500 word articles for $5. Like you said, it is to garner good feedback and build a following. Once that has been done I will probably still continue to write one 500 word article for $5 because it really doesn’t take me that much time and I only offer articles in my niche, which makes it easier since I usually am already well versed on the topic. You can get quality articles for $5, you just have to be cautious and weed out the bad apples.

Spot on mate! Discovered most fiverr sellers are into content spinning. As a fiverr seller, that has never been my game, hence the long standing excellent rating and reviews i have. … Always having my buyers running back to me for more.

It took forever to figure out what article spin was. I remember writing an article for a client that was 2K+ words and they requested a spin file. After an hour of research I finally got what a spun article was – sort of.

Didn’t have software so I had to manually spin the article myself. Not all writers spin their articles but it is nice to see that you are giving new comers a shot. Just keep searching because you’ll eventually find the right fit. Chin up mate!

I so agree with @ topaz_muze. I have never spun an article cos i did not even know what it was till i searched. There are still writers who put their backs into delivering original contents. You definitely will find one soon. When you do, stick to whoever you get. Its always safer

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