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Article writing service with quick TAT: Need Help


I am new to fiverr and started a new gig about article writing service.

Here is the link:

Can you guys tell me how to maximize the views for my gig and get orders?

I am sorry if i posted in the wrong section, i am eagerly looking for some tips.

Thank you

Nice gig, but first off - you don’t offer the best turnaround time on fiverr. I do. :)>-

As you get busier the turn around time will have to increase as well. Once you reach level 2 they can order 8 articles under one gig.

I too started out with a one day turnaround but soon had to keep raising it.

Once you continually have 30 or 40 articles in the Que you will have to raise your days to completion or have late deliveries, it is inevitable if you get busy. Increasing the completion time only effects future orders not current ones however.


Thanks for your valuable input.

Right now, i can manage about 10-15 article per day without any problem. Since i am new to this site i am not getting any sales as my gig is quite new. I am sure that if i receive some initial orders, i can maintain a happy and satisfied group of clients.

It seems really difficult to receive that first order which may change my gig status. As far as i understand most people are reluctant to order from new guys on fiverr. I am not sure what else to do for promoting my gig



Fiverr is not a “get rich overnight” operation, and writing takes effort because there is not a one size fits all template that can be sent to every buyer, each article has to be custom written.

I write in a very specific niche because the market is saturated with SEO writing services. I write about what I know.

Writers here are competing with literally tens of thousands of other writers, and each one is trying to “one up” the competition by offering fast turnaround, more words for less money and so on. I have buyers that have been with me since I started here and my completion date is 15 days and frankly most of the time I have more than I can handle.

I have 4 other gigs that I have to suspend just to keep caught up. I write for people that actually need and use the information I provide and are not looking to get clicks on a webpage and only ordered to get the most popular keywords stuffed in an article.

Many of my buyers do not leave a review because of the established relationship we have. Some order multiples of 8 every week and many find it burdensome to sit down and write up a review for every order, and I want to make it as convenient as possible for them. Ratings are important to establish a foothold but over time, I realize it does not matter as much.

The only promoting I do now is the Fiver widget on my website. It did not take me long to realize that some of my initial orders were sympathy orders from friends and colleagues so I stopped pushing myself off on others and decided to market myself to those that need my service. I do not market myself to those that want to “give me a try”, but to those that actually need what I offer.

My gig is unique enough that people have to actively search for what I offer, and that is how I like it. It gets to the point where they come to you, and that is the best kind of buyer there is.


Got my first sale. Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:


Thank you,

you get busier the turn around time will have to increase fragglesrock

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