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Article Writing Solutions - The Problem With Article Spinners and Rewriters

There area unit plenty of individuals out there cashing in on merchandising package that they, or someone else has created, to assist article marketers manufacture articles quicker and easier. whereas the ideas area unit intriguing and their claims area unit onerous to ignore, none that I actually have found work tolerably to use. I actually have tried several and also the underlying issues of all spinners and rewriters out there area unit an equivalent. Below may be a list of the most important reason why you ought to stick with writing your articles yourself, or outsourcing article writing to a different individual.

  1. do not pass Copy scape. several of the machine-controlled article creators out there churn out articles that are not any wherever close to distinctive enough to pass Copy scape. If they can not pass Copy scape, you’ll be able to be assured that they will not pass the highest article directory’s necessities for distinctive articles. do not even strive these as a result of they’re going to get your directory accounts closed terribly quickly.
  2. Articles do not browse well. every article you write and submit ought to have interaction and impress your readers. Too several of the articles written by machine-controlled package area unit unable to try and do this. Not solely area unit they not spectacular, they do not even browse sort of a human wrote them.
  3. SEO. once articles area unit “written” by machine-controlled package, they can not use sensible SEO practices like keyword density and equivalent word usage. it is important to try and do this stuff so your articles get viewed plenty and you get many traffic from them. Not optimizing your articles for SEO functions may be a huge waste of a commentary.

Ironically… this reads as though it’s been spun.

I don’t mean to sound rude, but posting articles about the importance of well-written content when the writing itself sounds, like sara1984 said, like it’s been spun through a machine or was originally written in another language and pushed through Google translate, is kind of silly.

There’s nothing wrong with not being a native English speaker, but if you’re offering to write in English, you should at least have a grasp of basic vocabulary. Whatever you want this article to achieve (which I assume is to bring you more buyers), I’m not sure it’s achieving it, as A) this forum is not frequented by a large number of buyers, B) the buyers that do come here are not really looking for content like this, and C) this content isn’t useful because it’s mostly gibberish.

I can barely read this post and like the others I think it comes off making @seowriterhope look like a bad writer trying to self-promote. I suspect that you think your spinning/ rewriting is very good. Sorry, whatever the intention is I don’t think it works at all.

I really just thought it was me… but I echo the sentiments of others here. Nope… to me, this is nothing more than nonsense.

Reply to @emasonwrites: you are just always been silly and greedy of yourself so if you don’t know what to say it will be better to keep quiet than just blabbing all around in order to be popular cox its not gonna help you

Reply to @seowriterhope: Congratulations, you’ve managed to merge 3/4 different sentences into one unintelligible post.

Reply to @seowriterhope: In this case, it might be a good idea to take your own advice.

Reply to @seowriterhope: You’re right, I am just always being silly AND greedy. So silly, so greedy. Thank you for helping me realize this meaningful lesson.

In all seriousness, I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just saying, posting articles like this in the forum is pointless. They make no sense and they have zero chance of reaching/persuading your target audience. As a SEO writer, you know that content that neither gets it’s point across clearly nor reaches an audience that cares about it is useless.

Phew, I was worried I was having a stroke. Glad this gibberish makes no sense to others as well… :))

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