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Articles and Blog Posts Full Of Spelling Mistakes

I recently have been ordering some articles and blog posts from various users, but I am worried that there are some tricks being played here.

Can someone explain to me what is happening here?!Untitled-spell

Obviously the words, to look at them, are spelt correctly, but is there something going on in the background?!

Please help


I think your proof language is set to some other then english.

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It appears that the punctuation between is a little off; single instead of double spaced. There may be an issue with the language as another post had commented.

Thank you so much for your very quick responses.

Do you think the reason for this is to stop plagiarism detection?

Depends. You could run it through Grammarly and see what gives.

If I put it through a plagiarism checker, it won’t recognise the words because there are spelling mistakes…

So the only way is to rewrite the article in English…

I would have to have the copy and I could check it. It would then let me know what percentile the article may be plagiarized (if any). You may just be better off having it rewritten. You could ask for revisions if they offer it.

I did it for the first paragraph, and it came back 40% unique… Haha

Try copy whole article into new word document and paste it as text only, see if there is any difference

The image I posted was just that… I thought it would help too

I think it may have been written with the addition of UTF characters - could be wrong of course.

Plagiarism checkers see it as being unique content, but if you type the text into the same plagiarism checker, you’ll find it’s not unique.

Any seller doing this (if that is indeed the case) should be reported.


I tried to retype half of it in word and there aren’t any mistakes…



It could be the editor the writer is using and like offlinehelpers said a UTF character issue.

I wonder if it could be a linux editor? What browser are you using Matt?

Windows 7 - Chrome

I copied and pasted to Notepad… saved…got a unicode message… closed and re opened… and look what I got :slight_smile:screencapture-textmagic-free-tools-unicode-detector-2018-06-10-17_03_40


I’m not saying it is or isn’t but there has been software released which does exactly what I described to fool the search engines into thinking you’ve got original content.

It’s being marketed as ‘buy this and make squillions on Fiverr’ amongst other things.

Added - looks like I may have been right - sorry you go this.


I’ve always wondered about this.

In layman’s terms, what does this signify?

It’s completely plagiarized and they used UTF characters to cover their tracks.
Contact support with the evidence - use this image or the link there but the image is better as they dont need to search the page for it.
I suggest not contacting the seller in this instance as they are clearly plagiarizing and dont deserve a second chance.


Strange. Did the writer just copy and paste the content in the text box and not deliver a Word document or pdf?

It means that users are giving out plagiarised content as unique, because they are using UTF and other code to mask theft…