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Artist Missing in action

I know this forum is very freelancer friendly, I’m sure you have some though customers to deal with.

Im concerned with a order I have made with someone, who seems to have been missing in action, the time to complete project is not up (and I know I know im sure someone will say wait until time up, but just a hunch and this is the ranting pot after all).

I was interested in a large project of his to do some artistic graphic cards for me, however I started with a £30 prototype to see the work. During which he faced delays, one apparently had to go to hospital for someone for a few days and then a second he said his computer broke and lost some work. Probably two unfortunate coincidences, the work was a week late but I wasn’t in a rush and the final product I was very happy with. So I ordered over £200 worth of multiple graphics.

He said he would get sketches to me last Saturday, I did enquire for an update on the Saturday to which he replied Sunday morning. Sunday evening I just sent a friendly hello to which he replied Monday afternoon and said ‘did you not get them, I have been having problems with fiver not allowing me to send attachments, I have emailed them’ (not sure how a problem can occur when he previously has been ok). He said he is away from his desk but will send when he gets home.

Tuesday afternoon came and still no sign, I sent another message asking if he had sorted with fiver and said he hadn’t and could I provide an email address and he can send them that way ‘again when he gets back to his desk’, I did provide one despite Fivers rules because he said fiver where causing the problem.

I have yet to receive an email and despite a couple of messages he has gone silent, I have also seen he has logged on,

He has until March 31st to complete the product, but obviously I want to see sketches first and the numerous delays and now silence…my hunch is telling me something is wrong. I don’t mind if he has been busy and not been able to do it, I can cancel the project and get my money back.

Anyway just saying, £200 is a lot of money and updates appreciated. Ive a feeling little sympathy as the forum does seem heavily community focused, but wanted to point out not everyone is perfect.


Hmm - with the deadline still weeks away I wouldn’t worry - sure, his communication seems a little lacking, but there’s still plenty of time! I understand that it’s a lot of money (and I’d probably be the same, worrying if whoever I’ve ordered from went MIA for days) but in the end we all get busy. What I feel like is that he might feel a bit pressured - or just embarrassed! that he hasn’t gotten the sketches ready yet! Constant updates are surely very useful, but not everyone provides them to start with (although with bigger orders I do think it’s best to check in a couple times or the risk of something not working out/needing a big revision is bigger) - but I would really relax at least for a week or so. IF something really is off, he will probably tell you on time - but chances are he’s just got more urgent orders to work on.
Hopefully he’s just tinkering away on your order and soon you’ll get a first glimpse! (the email bit… if the file really wouldn’t get sent through Fiverr I guess it’s possible? I’m not quite sure about that one though as I personally wouldn’t do it, but my files are much smaller as I just write!)


I’m with @katakatica on this.

My gut feeling is that the Seller you are dealing with probably ended up with a few more jobs than expected and is trying to get them all done in a timely fashion.

We see that here with new Sellers who don’t get work for a lengthy period of time then suddenly get slammed with a couple of big orders and a couple of small ones all at the same time.

I agree, the Seller could at least communicate with you a little better, but it is what it is.

I hope it all works out in the end.


Not sure how much time remains until deadline in your case, but you should wait at least two more days. If you see deadline is getting closer and closer and seller is stil MIA, you can solve it in the resolution center by asking for an extension, or cancelling the order (in which case you would get a full refund, seller didn’t delivered nothing).

He can surely have a better communication with you, specially for such a big project and price, but probably he has orders in queue and is inexperienced in managing several orders. We can’t get to know. If he has positive reviews and no canceled/late orders, it is more than likely he will deliver on time. Some sellers even don’t like being constantly messaged for updates. Oh, and don’t agree on taking communication out of Fiverr, if you do and then want to open a ticket to CS for a refund, they can turn down your request for breaking ToS and you won’t get any refund, or even get an account warning or termination. Be cautious and never ever break ToS when communicating with sellers.

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As others have said, a little jet cooling is probably not a bad thing. Technically this person does not need to talk to you until 31st of whatever this month is. Even then, technically all they have to do is hurl your stuff in the Deliver box and hit send.

Not great form probably but that is what you are owed.

There is a layer though of the seller telling you they will do something and not getting it done. That is worrying as it indicates a messy personality type. But I will say that the more you put pressure on a messy the messier they get - unless you can break them but that is a whole other level of psychology that you really have to be careful with or they explode and rip up your job. Sadly artists are often an odd lot.

For now, best to work on the assumption that this will come in and deal with it if it doesn’t. With Cancelation being your absolute fallback if they went to water from over-committing and you can’t find (or trust in) a more milestone based approach to the job with one card or section per period.


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I think you have every right to worry and feel this way.

Regardless of the amount you paid for this service, it is a service.

If anything the seller should have put your mind at ease by following through on what they said they would do.

This is not a matter of the seller not being obligated to communicate as someone mentioned above.

This is a matter of you not knowing how the order is progressing and whether or not it will be completed on time.

There are too many red flags for my taste personally, I think that missing one deadline is something that can happen to everyone.

But what you are describing here is someone who repeatedly doesn’t do what they said they would, when they said they would.

Everything you described so far sounds like excuses, or may very well be the truth. You may have, in fact, hired the unluckiest seller on earth.

That is besides the point in my opinion.

If you need to chase them down for an update or never get a sense that this is progressing, the closer you get to the deadline, the worse it’s going to get. The seller won’t suddenly become accommodating or complete tasks in a timely manner.

Again, this has nothing to do with the scope of the project and the budget. Whether it’s a $5 job or a $200 project, when someone hires you on Fiverr, a “contract” is created and a “service” must be rendered.

Part of that service is client communication.


I agree 100%.

I’m very sorry to hear about your experience, @mattstringer504. Unfortunately, I have been in the same situation as you many times when dealing with sellers here on Fiverr. In my experience, once your seller starts acting like this, you will never get your order. It is incredibly frustrating.

I don’t know if your seller is a new seller or not, but when this has happened to me, it has most often been when dealing with a new seller. For me, it has helped to refrain from giving larger projects to new sellers - I now give them to established sellers with experience on the platform and a lot of positive reviews. I have not had to cancel an order since, and I have gotten excellent communication and work. However, I will still give smaller jobs to new sellers. They do just fine at that.


I agree

BUUUT, can the customer really go all CS on the seller if the delivery day has not at least arrived?

Would it be fair for us to say, scrag their scruffy scapular if in-fact the job was sitting there with 105% Customer Satisfaction on the 31st?

A seller not engaging and having all their personal issues happen all over the place is not reassuring at all and certainly a reason not to re-hire. But seeing it is not time, should the customer not just wait - as disconcerting as it is? - and I’d be needing new underpants :poop:


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No, of course not! The OP should still wait until the delivery time passes at least!


Hi guys.

I’m glad I did post my experience, I feel better for reading the views that I’m not overly crazy.

I will of course wait until deadline has passed and give a week or so before messaging again, I’ll check to see if he logs in again.

It’s just really disappointing as the final
Work he did previously was decent, however the prototype is useless without the rest of the work and wasn’t that cheap either.

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So when the customer gets a series of red flags, they shouldn’t be worried but instead they need to wait until the absolute last minute of the deadline to see if something feels off?

Or are you saying that a bumpy customer experience should be disregarded if the files are just dropped on the 31st of March?

So if you go to a restaurant, and they treat you poorly, but then you get your steak, all’s well?

Just to clarify this isn’t a question of “should they cancel” or not.

This is a discussion about whether or not sellers need to provide a certain level of service or not.

And the fact that any number of sellers tried to tell a buyer that “it is what it is” and that they should “at least wait it out”, is telling me a lot about why this keeps happening on this platform.

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I’m late to the party but I agree there are some classic warning signs - although I wouldn’t panic yet.

The problem with some sellers (and maybe yours?) is that they’re not very good business people, or else they’re just inexperienced in the absolute basics of business / human relationships. They don’t understand the need to reassure clients by checking in every now and then . You could be dealing with the most talented artist, but if they’re bad with communication it could turn into the worst experience.

It’s probably too late for this occasion, but there’s nothing wrong with building in check points along the way for future large orders. For example, you and the seller could agree that every 7 days from X date the seller will send over proofs.

Having said all that, I don’t like the excuses your buyer is providing - particularly when mixed with the silence you’re facing. From what you’ve said I think you’ll just have to see this one through to the end of March and hope for the best.


The delivery day has not arrived, but the seller promised sketches would be sent 8 days ago, and then repeatedly failed to deliver them under various excuses. Plus, even if they really couldn’t send them through Fiverr (it happens), they could have uploaded them to DropBox and sent the buyer the link instead of breaking the rules and asking the buyer to do the same.


These two are the most common “excuses” (read: LIES) that incompetent sellers give here when they cannot fulfill a task. This is sort of a reverse psychology thing where if you get annoyed, angry or demand your project, then you become the evil ogre who is not empathetic to someone’s multiple calamities in life.

Likely another bold faced lie. As you said, if he had no issue sending you attachments already, why is he having an issue now? This seller asking for your email is a RED flag as well. We are not to communicate off site. If it comes down to it - you could forward those messages with him asking for outside contact to customer service so they can review his account and likely give him a warning.

Your gut will never lead you astray! You have already had problems with this seller acting unprofessionally. It will not likely get better before March 31st.

Hey, most of us here are sympathetic when a case is laid out like yours and it seems as though you are getting the run around.

My guess is, you are going to end up cancelling this project or if this person actually delivers something, it will need a few revisions as it will probably be pretty abysmal work.



The trouble with quoting one line out of a whole phrased reply that covers both sides is that it then feels one-eyed.

I have never suggested that the seller is golden. I think they stink based on this description. I have already described these actions as not good form, messy, and scruffy.

My concern is that if the Buyer goes to CS right now, they will be rebuffed - as in I think CS will say wait till the job is Delivered (or not). If the Seller gets wind of the complaint it may just put them in a real spin which guarantees a bad outcome (as described above).

Does this benefit the customer in any way?

Yes Red Flags in the sunset of post-atomic-war ash clouds which should have indicated not re-hiring but, like all of us, hope got the better of the buyer. And here we all are having to work out the hand we dealt.

I really do hope the delivery day goes well. I also hope the seller gets their “poop” in order.


p.s. when quoting, be sure to reflect the real essence of the post, not just one line out of context.

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Just thought id write/rant an update.

I sent an additional message on March 16th (as I could see he was logging into Fiverr).

To which he surprsingly did reply
“Morning seems like I’ve only just managed to get my life back in track, I’d love to keep working on this with you. Very embrassed I didn’t see any notifications about your messages. Sorry for the panic (believe me I wouldn’t have wanted to keep you in the dark if I had a choice). Let me get back to you tonight regarding progress! Cheers”

So seems as well as Fiverr not allowing him to send attachements, it is sometimes also not notifying him of new messages…

He didn’t reply that evening, he replied that next day
“Hi Matt, so seems like it’s best to add an additional 14 days onto this job just so I have enough time to finish this. Would that be fine? Absolutely however if you do want to cancel let’s go ahead! Regarding the sketches I’d sent last week I’m not sure if you’d sent a reply”.

This is despite half a dozen messages from me above saying I’ve received no sketches, I told him which and once again there has been radio silence since. im unsure as to why he bothered to reply with the above two messages if he still has no intention of completing the project, I don’t know what benefit it serves.

Obviously I can cancel after the 31st and I will be refunded from Fiverr, however I am annoyed he has got my money for the first milestone on the prototype he did complete, as its completely worthless. The fact he is still logging in as well its infuriating. Seems there is a sight flaw in the idea of breaking down projects to pay an artist when they can pull out anytime. :frowning:

Honestly, the seller sounds like a flake. That’s, unfortunately, not a rare occurrence when dealing with creative/artistic types. :roll_eyes:

I don’t know if you will get a full refund, but he for sure won’t get the money of the milestone paid if you cancel the order before the deadline. Milestones are only paid after the order is completed. If you mark the order completed, and then ask for a cancellation, he will still get paid the money of the milestones he completed. I don’t know if you’re willing to wait 14 more days just to know that he didn’t sent anything/sent a half-assed work, but I won’t be.

That’s what I thought too. Creativity and inspiration are volatile, and artists rely too much on them. I think is better to be honest and say “I don’t have the inspiration now, cancel the order and get your money refunded because right now I can’t work on your project” rather than beating around the bushes.

Well to conclude the event as the deadline passes, I never did receive another message from him, despite him logging in.

Naturally the order has been cancelled and the payment for the work not done obviously returned. However its very frustrating that this seller doesn’t now appear to have any record of this, I believe it should show up on his reviews that he ‘missed an order’ or ‘deceived a buyer’, as right now he is still sitting on a nice 5* rating.

Fiverr did respond very promptly to their credit, however mildly frustrating to say 'sorry it wasn’t what I expected…" erm… yes thats an understatement lol.

Thanks all for listening.

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The way you can show that is by actually paying the seller. Then you can share your opinion and review. If the payment was canceled, it’s like the order never took place.

As a seller, it would be unfair to have any Fiverr user leave random reviews after purchasing an order and canceling it. This way competitors would just use this to derank their competition and do all kinds of shady things. So you can see why Fiverr doesn’t allow people that cancel orders to say anything. If you purchased, you want the seller to get paid, and you want to warn others, then obviously the seller has to get paid for their work.