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Artist needed to add artwork to signature logo I purchased

Hi. I need an artist to add a minimalist “Key” (like a house key) piece of artwork to a signature logo I just bought. I didn’t realize I couldn’t request that and just got the signature/slogan. I love it but need a little artwork. How do I find this?


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Have you already contacted your original seller and asked how much they would charge for the extra work/change?

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It makes no sense that the logo designer can’t incorporate this as extra in the design, maybe with extra charges.

Did you ask him/her to do it for free and that is why they refused?

You can open BR but that will give you 100 random sellers.

Best is to look in the designer sections, check the portfolio and contact them with your request.

I am a designer but I need to know more of what you need in order to proceed, but still, it is best to get original designer to work on it.

Welcome to the Fiverr Community Forum! @imagination7413 her solution is best for you.

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