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Artist Pressured for Positive Feedback Before Job Was Done and Didn't Finish

Just wanted to warn people about a situation and encourage buyers to NEVER mark a gig as “competed” until you have received all of your order. It has been over 7 weeks & I have still not received all of my order when it was marked completed after day 4. Plus, I cannot remove positive feedback because the job was marked completed. I feel like I got scammed by the seller. I would love to post our conversation up here with screenshots and to give the community a warning about this specific user, but it’s against forum rules… so I’ll finish my blog post and link to my screenshots off-site.


Sorry you’ve had a bad experience.

It’s difficult to comment without knowing the full context. But why would you both mark an order complete, and leave positive feedback, WITHOUT having received the full content of the order?


Your seller shouldn’t have marked the order as delivered unless all parts of the order were in fact complete. Open a ticket with customer support if you did not receive what was laid out in the gig.

Next time, open a ticket much sooner. CS likes to side with the buyer so you may be able to get a refund.

I imagine it wasn’t the seller’s intention to scam you (communication can be a tricky thing), but if it was they deserve the retribution potentially coming their way.

Indeed, it is. However, you can contact Customer Support and report that seller to the Trust & Safety team. You might not be able to get your funds back, but they will investigate the seller.

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Adding to what @cubittaudio said, a little bit more context would be good.
And about this:

Did the order was marked as completed automatically? and you gave a positive feedback without checking the order first?