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Artists/Illustrators - Advice for Selling?

Kinda put myself on here a few days ago and realized I wasn’t immediately selling gigs right away. (Not that I expected that of course, but I thought I’d get at least one or two orders)

What do you artists do specifically to sell your gigs?


I won’t deny your abilities.

But I do believe the price is far too high.

After a short search I saw the same offer for 35$ (full body). With you, it’s $180.

Besides, I think:

  1. the first picture is not right.
  2. the requirements in the first lines very “hard” and concise.
  3. I would change your profil picture
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Hi Ramin.

First of all, your brush strokes, your style, all of it just looks so triditional and so professional I really loved it!

I don’t think your prices are expensive. People here usually keep the price too low for the first order. But then they have to keep prices low because of people killing the market.

Instead of keeping the price low for the first order if I were you, I would go into groups related to art commissions on Facebook and introduce myself there. With our profession, portfolio is everything and it is strong enough to make your portfolio customer pay the prices you want.

Best wishes,

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I suggest you improve your gigs and also to reduce the price. I also suggest that you look on other similar gigs like yours and you may get some points from those.

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Do you have a third sample you can use as a gig image? (For ‘art’ gigs, it’s important to use all three, as any fewer implies that you don’t have any more examples.)

Please see (DES) point 2

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