Artwork plagiarism


Hi all, I’m a buyer and while looking for a restaurant menu gig I noticed that the same artwork appeared multiple times from multiple sellers??? How is this?? I thought each seller showcased their own work to enable buyers like me to evaluate the skillset? If giggers are just copy/pasting from other sites this gives me no confidence and undermines the whole concept of fiverr don’t you agree??


Templates. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not plagiarism, just using the same templates probably.


Hi, there are sellers who work with templates, there are sellers who do original work from scratch.
If you want the latter, you can find them, if you bother and probably it will be more expensive, as to be expected, but they are there.


Not from other sites, that would be hard. From other sellers, much more convenient. :roll_eyes:


Hi miiila…

OK, thanks, understood…

But how can we know if a seller is going to use an existing template and just modify it or give us a custom design??



I fear there´s no 100% safe recipe for that. Try a combination of googling, common sense, due diligence, talking to them. Experience with Fiverr or other similar platforms will help too, over time.


Thank you… pity I don’t have a translation requirement…much harder to use a template for that!!



Oh, well, you know, there are ways to avoid doing honest work in all categories, the above advice is valid for all kinds of gigs, I fear.