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Artwork watermark protection

Currently anybody can copy any image from the live portfolio and claim it, i have caught several sellers using my work in their gig main image!! YES, i had to report them.

That said, could you please figure out a way to protect our work? Perhaps an automated transparent watermark pasted over the image with our username in my case “signtific” for example!

Perhaps you might consider delivering a second, watermarked, image to be used for your Portfolio.

Reply to @ricksper: I thought about that, extra work and also might irritate the buyers?

Reply to @kjblynx: I will try this. Thanks

YES automated watermark would be awesome… they have that in DeviantArt, it’s sad to “spoil” an image with watermarks, but the more I learn the more important it seems to be.

It would be much better, than to send customers watermarked works first. Some may even think, that YOU are trying to give them someone else’s work, because the proof is watermarked if they don’t bother reading the watermark or your explanation…

For those who have no seen yet-