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As a buyer, can I mark a gig delivered?

I purchased a gig. Seller has been wonderful. We’ve talked back and forth in messages. I think I’ve received my $5 worth +. I wanted additional help, so I bought 2 extra of the same gig. Anyway, with the original gig - he never put it in as delivered. It’s showing he only has 41 minutes or the Fiverr system will consider it late. I just wrote to him, asking him to put it in as delivered. I’m concerned he won’t get that in time. Is there a way I can put it in as delivered?

No problem, hope it works out :slight_smile:

No you can’t mark the gig as delivered, if the gig goes late he will have an additional 24 hours to deliver before going “Very Late” after that stage it left to you to cancel (Which will harm the sellers rating and your funds will be returned) or just hold tight till they deliver :slight_smile: For you to mark completed.

Thank you Ozzie! :slight_smile: I’m glad it won’t harm his rating. Because the gig is already delivered, just not marked as such. He’s delivered through messaging. I’m sure he’ll have time to “deliver” officially within 24 hours.

You know, you may want to tell him again the mistake he made. He might messaged you and thought he had delivered it. I’ve done that myself before. Since that message box is open, I write in it and hit send then I realize “Oh $hit!, I put it in the wrong box” so I have to go back and put it in the Delivery box to mark it complete. Its a bit confusing if you just click things quickly like I tend to do.

Yes if the seller delivered you gig :slight_smile:

Reply to @arnevb:

Thank you, Arnevb. :slight_smile: Lots of talent on Fiverr!

Reply to @ozzieuk: Hello, in my sellers page, one buyer has not completed the order. He just purchased the gig but did not submit further information. My seller page is showing 1 INCOMPLETE gig. What should I do, can you please help!!

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I have purchased a gig for traffic delivery for a month but fiverr completes the order in 3 days. Is it safe to mark ratings for that gig as it is yet to complete? can I re-rate /alter my review after 30 days?