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As a buyer I want to thank all the sellers participating here


I’ve spent last hour reading through posts left by sellers and it’s been pretty educating. I felt terrible whenever reading about bad experiences some sellers had with buyers, elated when reading success stories, thankful when reading how sellers rate certain gigs and how they actually work.

I’m looking into getting SEO help for my blog and all this content has been immensely helpful. So, thanks to every seller participating here and spending their time providing insight and expertise. It’s privilege to be able to hire and interact with you for $5… am really thankful that’s possible because of Fiverr.

Happy holidays and keep rocking! :wink:


Thanks for that post. So nice to read, especially today. :slight_smile:

Happy holidays to you too.


Get as many (manual) social media shares you can, build social media landing pages and grow communities, use paid ads from facebook to highly target people who need the info you share on your blog.


Yeah, I’m pretty much going in that direction right now. The biggest issue turned out to be all the noise… it’s not easy to differentiate sellers like you @whitehatseo10 from others sellers who will under-deliver. But hey, at least here on Fiverr one is losing $5 so it’s not big of a deal.

It’s hard, but I’m learning and fighting… all one can hope for. Still, traffic on my site is increasing, so in the end it’s all good!


I’m a blogger too @howtoaddict and I am a buyer and a seller here.

For SEO for your blog here are my suggestions:

  1. Make sure you have an SEO plugin installed on your website (Yoast SEO or All In One SEO are the best in my opinion, Yoast being way cool for beginners because it has a checklist you can follow)
  2. Do proper keyword research before you write your posts. Start off targeting keywords that have some traffic but that don’t have too much competition. Make sure any keywords make grammatical sense and are easy to use naturally within your content.
  3. Try and write long posts (1000 words per post, if you can do 3000 words brilliant).
  4. Write regularly and consistently. Google not only wants content often, it also wants consistency. So choose your days to publish posts for Eg Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am.
  5. Use your keywords and LSI keywords (low semantic indexing keywords are different variations of your keyword) in prime places (url, meta title, meta description, tags, headings, underline them and bold them, alt tags in images)
  6. Yes try and place your keywords in these prime places but being natural and engaging is often even more important. Make sure you write for your audience.
  7. Use internal links - make sure that you link internally as much as possible where relevant.
  8. Make use of images and include videos.
  9. Make sure every file is named as your keyword before uploading it. This applies to images, videos or pdf documents, everything. This even applies to ranking Youtube videos for ranking on Google and Youtube search, so just get into the habit of always naming your files a relevant keyword.

So yeah those are the basics for on page SEO that will do like 90% of the job for you.

Then for off page SEO build up your social networks by connecting with and engaging with authority figures in your niche, engage with your followers and share all your new content on your social networks.

I suggest you join Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram and Youtube as the biggies to get you going.

Then once you have got all that going (yes its quite a bit and there is loads more to it too) then you can start looking at more advanced off page SEO and backlinking strategies.

I hope you have found this helpful :slight_smile: Good luck with your blog!


Thanks for the kind words for us sellers! It’s encouraging to hear. All the best for your business! :slight_smile:


I think this is best concise and practical guide I’ve read. And I did read a lot about SEO. At my full time job I am programming, so I do have some background, but I never focused on SEO from content perspective. Your post will definitely change that.

In any case, I will reach out to you to buy gigs - definitely want to work together!


Donny, that must sound ever better when you say it - just checked out your voice overs :wink:


It is a pleasure @howtoaddict I just love this SEO stuff and yes as a blogger I come at this mainly from a content side, and I can promise you that when you do this most of your job is done. I have ranked some posts #1 on Google just by following these steps and not doing any other off page seo except for social shares :slight_smile:

I am happy to help if you need any more assistance if I know anything about it.


Thanks! I appreciate it! :slight_smile: