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As a new Artist, I could use some help

I have recently joined and added 2 gigs that I offer. Honestly Idk if I selected the right categories and or tags etc. Im worried that Im not reaching the right target audience. So any feedback or guidance on how to better my listings would be extremely helpful. thank you!


I like your samples, very nice.
Are you thinking of making any other gigs? In response to your ‘categories’ question, I think having something in ‘illustration’ could help, but I think the current two being where they are is fine. Can you make full-body illustrations?

Your descriptions could use some touching up, as you missed a few sentence starts that need capitalization. You also only defined ‘revisions’ in one of the two gigs.

There are a bunch of useful links in the (RRD) section at the end of this post, including a free Fiverr Learn course that can offer some good general tips (bring a pencil and paper for notes).

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Oh I missed the revisions? :o Ill look both gigs over to make sure they’re both fully fleshed out. As for the full bodies, short answer is yes, but for the portraits I could potentially go as far as “bust” level to keep my production times down. I will make other examples that illustrate this. As for the sentence starts? Ill have to read over whatever I wrote :sweat_smile:
thanks for taking the time! Ill also look over the link you provided :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Also, in case you haven’t set it up yet, you’ll also want to double check your work queue maximum for each of the gigs under the ‘gigs’ dashboard tab. Leaving this be might end up giving you too many projects at once.
If you haven’t heard this trick yet: let the text sit for a bit (step away and do something unrelated), then come back and read it out loud. You’ll probably notice a few things that can be improved.

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You’re absolutely right…I rushed to make the gigs and neglected to review them closely. Thanks for the tip regarding the work queue. I should be so lucky to have “too many” gigs XD but its a good point to maintain trust levels. thank you

I think you have some talent and potential. That said, don’t become complacent: There is a LOT of competition on Fiverr. You might nave noticed the number one and two bits of advice tossed around in the forums are ‘market yourself’ and ‘make offers to Buyers Requests’. These are true, but you also have to have something worth selling. Coming full circle: I really think you have some talent and potential.

(Also personally, I think the number one piece of advice should be ‘Read the TOS that you agreed to at sign up.’)

Last bit of advice for now is more of a forewarning. There’re a LOT of spammers that slip through the Fiverr filters, so your first contact might not actually be a buyer interested in your gig. It’s usually not an issue, but emotionally it’s sometimes rough on new sellers to realize a message is just spam. SO! Some things to watch out for:

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I really appreciate the support. I have actually been freelancing for a long time now, I just decided to see about getting more work through fiverr. I have dealt with scammers in my time, but you make a good point about the disappointment. I realize that my prices might seem high on a website that is based on the idea of small and economic gigs but if you breakdown the hourly rate for any one of these its far below what i actually charge. I don’t think anyone would be happy earning ~$3 an hour in any other industry. I know clients could give two spits about this, but I do, so if people don’t like it I’m ok with that…I see a LOT of great talent on this site and if you can afford to sell your work for cheap, then more power to you, right? I’m going to see how it goes, if it doesn’t work out, its fine :slight_smile: I am definitely more concerned with making sure I have the gigs formatted properly with all the required info, thanks so much!!! :smiley:

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