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As a new buyer charged two times for two different jobs?

I just ordered a intro from two different video sellers. I paid both of them and even gave them each tips that was twice the job price when the job was finished, and I filled out the information on them and the payments were made this was 4 days ago. Two days age I got a notice that the job was done and I was sent another bill reciept saying it was automatically paid. Then yesterday I got the same thing from my other seller. Why was I charged twice for each job that I had already paid both in full for?

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Did you check if your payment source has been charged twice for the same thing too or if it was just an accidental sending of the same bill twice (check the order numbers to see if they are the same or different ones)?

You can send a ticket to Fiverr´s customer support here: to have them check this for you.

I fear we can’t help you with payment issues here on the forum, this is more for peer-to-peer discussions, news and such. :slight_smile:


This charge was on two different jobs, and was charged twice for each of them. I do not know for sure if I did something wrong when I ordered , but both jobes were paid in full two days befor I got notice of time was up and the jobs were completed with a payment of the ammount for the job that I had already paid in full.

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Of you were charged twice, you might have clicked too often or something, it happened to a buyer of mine recently, I noticed and had Customer Support cancel one of those.

That you pay in advance, is normal though, Fiverr keeps the money kind of in escrow and it is only released to the seller once they deliver plus the time it takes you to accept and complete (and ideally review) the delivery + 14/7 days “clearance time”.

When the order is delivered, you have 3 days to check and complete the order yourself, else it autocompletes, so sellers won’t wait forever for the revenue for the job they already did in case buyers go MIA. It happens.

You can read everything about how this all works in the “Help Center”, the link is on your dashboard when you click your profile picture and in the footer.

I’m not sure how those duplicate orders completed though, the sellers would both have to have delivered the same thing twice if they didn’t cancel the order or contacted support to do that for them.

Anyway, you should contact support so they can look into this for you and refund you. Here on the forum, we can only tell you what we assume happened or where to look up the workings of the Fiverr order system but not actually do anything.
For that, you need Customer Support, see above link.


It sounds like you are seeing 4 total charges. 2 for 2 gigs, and 2 for 2 Tips.


I agree with @loganstover - 2 orders and 2 tips?

You couldn’t tip the sellers until after the gigs were delivered and subsequently accepted, which would explain the ‘extra’ 2 receipts.

Unless I’m wrong of course! :wink:


I just found it strange, but it was my first time using this site. For the price even at twice what I paid with the tips I am not going to bother this time.

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have you ordered any gig extra?

The first one I ordered a second video paid for it, got back a image file instead of a video, then two days later got a notice that the deadline was up and was charged again. Just find it strange that the seller gets paid no matter if they do the job as requested or not. Is no one checking the job description the buyers pay for?

Sorry - confused. You said you were happy with both sellers and tipped them?

Please check with CS if you’ve got billing problems.