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As a new member What to do for first selling?

Hi Fiverr community
Hope all are well in the pandemic time of COVID 19.
I am a newcomer on the Fiverr platform. So, as newbies how can I get the first order and how to complete it professionally.
How much time taken for your first order.
please advise me.


Fiverr is not quick and easy money!

Check out: New Sellers … The True Way to Success!


Take love :heart_eyes: Thank you so much


Welcome to our new community…Keep patients…Keep going with your work…Hopefully,you will get early order soon…Apply 10 buyer request everyday.It will help for you to get orders.Thanks mdashraf

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Wow! Thanks, bro. Take love :heart_eyes:

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First of all welcome. And the thing is no one know how to get order asap. But some way have to get order quickly like good gig, buyer request etc.

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welcome brother :heart_eyes:

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Thanks Brother :heart_eyes:

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