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As a new sealer what will be my reply when buyer ask for rate of work

I am a new sealer. when a buyer ask me " How much would your rate be per day/ per work? what will my reply in positive way.
Please advise me.


First, it’s up to you to decide how much you charge. Second, on Fiverr you typically sell gigs as a whole service or a milestone within a service. You don’t need to charge by an hour for most things. You charge by what you offer in your gig. If you happen to be in a category where you really do need an hourly rate, you should look up industry standards, figure out if you are a beginner/intermediate/expert and charge accordingly. Most people expect Fiverr sellers to work at least a little below industry standards and if you are brand new, possibly a lot less until you have a reputation. In the long run, though, it is all up to you.


For me, I have a certain rate per hour of work. So I calculate +/- how much time a service will take and I charge the right price

but this rate all depends on you

Thanks for your advice.