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As a New Seller, How Can I get New Order?

Hi, There,
A lot of love for all from me. I have joined 15 days ago. I have great knowledge about SEO this is because from 2014 to March 2020 I worked at an IT Firm as an SEO Executive. At this time I have no job this is why I’m trying to work here. I’m new as a Fiverr worker but practically more than 5 years I did it.
I have sent 45 buyer requests but no response.
Is it the main reason that my profile is very new and no reviews no ratings?
Anybody can check all of my gigs and suggest to me some tips?
Please Check my Profile and Correct me:

Thanks to All


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Hey, welcome to the community!
You are an SEO expert as you described yourself so you should know what you are doing better than me…
Cause you guys have a better idea about ranking keywords…
About getting an order how many clicks are you getting in your gigs??
If your gig ranking is on a specific keyword you should receiving msg and orders:)

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Great thanks For giving me advice.
Every day I see a lot of buyer task and I send but no reply.
I think, My gig is on the first page but I have no reviews and no rating. Then the buyer would buy my service?
So, I’m not giving priority to gig Rank.
I didn’t off-page SEO till now. But I will be starting it immediately.
Please tell me something " akib0079"

Use Search option in forum you can search keyword success and you will see more than 10 forums for that topic good luck.

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Just keep on trying, improve your profile and gigs, polish your skills while you have time and no order. You’ll surely get one.
here’s profile
I’ve been trying for a month now learning to create attractive gigs and profile, and I hope I’ll get one soon

Hello mdahsanhabib016,

I have visited your gigs. Those are quite professional and unique. But please give focus on your gig image. Make it more attractive than these. Your image colour and text colour combination is not eye-catching. Try to set at least 3 gig images.

Then send 10 buyer requests daily. You told that you have sent almost 45 requests but got no response. It means there are any mistake you make always. I will suggest you to write the buyer request relevantly. Do not make it too long. Explore yourself in a short job statement. Write the words that buyer has used in his/her job requirement. Moreover, always try to send buyer request as soon as possible. Be the first bidder in a job request.

I hope, it will suggest you to get buyers soon.

Stay active and send attractive buyer request response. Also don’t stop your social media promotion. It’s effective to get new buyer and more orders.