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As a new seller, how I can get order

Hello, this is maxloskor. I always active in Fiverr but still now I don’t get any order. Actually I don’t understand what’s my guilty.


Send buyer Request daily

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Okay… Thanks @sis_graphics

Try to make your gigs in a unique way.
For example:
1- Place a cover photo “eye catching” which can grab the people’s attention easily.
2- Just mention the thing in your gigs which you can do easily (be HONEST, don’t mention more than your expertise)
3- As a beginner, start your gig packages with a less amount as this time you have to gain the buyer’s trust. So try to provide your service in a discounted price.
4- Check Buyers Requests.

I wish you best of luck, hope you will receive you first order soon. One more thing, after receiving your first order, try to deliver your best as the first review on your profile will be the first impression of your profile.

Good Luck! Never lose Hopes :slight_smile:


At first, a lot of thanks @sarmadrizvi24 bro. All of my gig eye-catching looked and I much more time spent in Fiverr and daily I sent the buyer request.


Never Lose Hopes. We all started this same the way you are doing.

No one knows, when the sunshine comes! But, this is truth, if you are doing efforts you will definitely receive a great light in your life.

So, keep your efforts constant. Never Lose Hopes! You will receive your order soon. Also, you can share your gig link on social sites like linkedin, facebook pages. It can also help you :slight_smile:


You are right bro. Thanks

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Thanks for appreciating. Always welcome :slight_smile:

Again thanks from my heart @sarmadrizvi24 bro for motivating me.

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Anytime. Always welcome :slight_smile:

Have patience… try to spend much time in fiverr forum and share your gig social media sites properly.

I have the same problem as a new seller :(…
According to Fiverr, the best way to get more sales on a gig is to add a video.
You can use a free easy to use tool like activepresenter to make video capture of your screen to show results of your work…


Hi, as a new seller it’s very tough to get the first order. I’ll suggest you to complete your buyer request every day. This is the only way to get a buyer when nobody is knocking you. hope, you’ll get your first order soon. happy freelancing :slight_smile:


Thank you @johab for your good Idea and I use this tool as soon as possible.

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you need to promote your fiverr gig link on social media to get more traffic, don’t depend on fiverr to drive traffic to your giig, thus, it will depend on the structure and content of your gig description.

Also your gig service need to be demanding for you to stand a chance for high traffic

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Send attractive buyer request daily and also social media marketing.

Send buyer request daily 10 times And make a good proposal

If There is no buyer request, what should i do?
I saw buyer request total 2 times among 3 days after i create my gig.