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As a new seller, Is it good to negotiate price with the buyer?

I made a chatbot which normally would go cheap as $200 but I did it in $100.
As a college student I don’t know how much my skills are worth. In desperate need of money I gave buyer a offer he can’t refuse, later on I found out someone offered do it 1K , 600 and the cheapest it got was 300.
There is just pinch of pain that I could have got 100 more, still for me 100 is a lot.
So has Someone did something like this ?

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Get over your desperation.

I only can speak for myself. I don’t negotiate.
If the buyer starts negotiating, I immediately end the conversation and tell him that there are other sellers who will be the right fit for him.
The end…

If you have to ask for the price, you can’t afford it.


This might be a good thing to figure out if you want to have a profitable freelance business. :wink:

This is not a good way to run a business. Customers can sense desperation, and many of them could easily choose to take advantage of that desperation. Set your prices and your terms, and stick to those. Don’t run your business by desperation – this has killed many great businesses in the history of the world.


Same here. I have to shake my head every time a potential buyer contacts me – after clearly looking over my gig, and asks, “so, how much do you charge?”

I respond: “My prices are listed on my gig page. Feel free to take a look at my gig page, and select the package that best fits your needs”.

My prices are set as they are for a reason. They are already “rock bottom” when compared to the rest of the professional world (i.e., “the big name firms”).


I know my skills worth and it supersizes me that people sell simple gigs at very high value.
And yeah you are right they do.

I agree with @mariokluser and @jonbaas. Also, I’d like to add value your work and don’t depreciate it. I know you said you’re in College and need the money – I totally get it! However, imagine the money you could potentially make if you gave Buyers a fair quote without lowballing. It wouldn’t hurt to scope out your competitors rates. You have a special skill of building (A.I) chatbots, that’s impressive! Use your skill to your advantage and have confidence. :ok_hand:t4:

On that note:

Welcome to Fiverr & the Community! :tada:

All the best with your Business and making some extra moola for :pizza: and other stuff! :money_mouth_face:


Nothing wrong with that, you made $100, well, $80. How long did it take you to make that money? 1-hour? That’s a good ROI for your time.

Others will tell you not to negotiate, but EVERYTHING is negotiable on Fiverr and in life.

If I see someone charging $1,000 for a chatbot, I have to laugh. What makes them think their work is worth $1,000? Are they getting any orders?

It is a fact that the higher the prices, the less likely you are to make sales. I’m not saying you have to sell everything for $5, but if you’re charging $200 and people are asking for $100, maybe you should charge $100 and see what happens. Maybe you’ll get 5 to 10 orders in one day instead of one order every once in a while.

Wouldn’t the pain be greater if you had lost that order? Tell yourself, “I could have made $0, instead I made $100.”


The only exception is for gigs you don’t like to much, but you do them to make money. For those gigs, you can charge whatever you want because then it doesn’t matter if you get an order or not.

For your popular gigs, those are the ones where you want to be strategic and competitive since that’s your bread and butter, your big money gigs.

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Indeed. And when you find the right market, it can be profitable and lead to long-term success.

Well, you’re certainly doing great. 18 orders in queue? Very impressive. That’s 2 to 3 orders per day, and I can’t even find you in the search results (sometimes I can, but not today).

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Thank you. Yes, it would appear that I have found a strong market at the moment.

I suppose I should be honored that you keep looking for me in the search results? :neutral_face: – I’ve heard that the search results are different for each person, so, maybe Fiverr doesn’t want you to find me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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No pain in earning $100, I am a college student and have lots of spare time.
Yeah there are people who charge $1000 and even more for a chat bot and yeah they are getting orders. Some have pro pack and some exaggerate simple functions as complex.

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no Bro Don’t do it because if you do then this will also spoil your Profile.

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As a basic rule on Fiverr, every time you undervalue yourself and/or walk over hot coals to attempt to snag a buyer, you exponentially increase your chances of that buyer leaving a dire review or attempting to get work for free.

Your customers don’t care if the RRP price of what you offer is $500 or $50,000. If you are prepared to complete an order for a fraction of that cost, your buyer assumes:

  • The work in question will be a breeze and won’t take you any time at all
  • Because what you do is so easy, you will be more than happy to re-do everything later FOC if asked
  • As you are so cheap, you must do what you do for fun or as some kind of charity scheme. In this case, you won’t mind if a customer suddenly can’t pay later
  • It is possible that you are super-cheap because you are new and need to build reviews and exposure. In this case, a buyer may see it as their moral and professional obligation to pick apart everything to do with how you do business and become your own personal Joseph Stalin

Personally, I’d rather just stay poor…


You should be honored, but to be perfectly honest, I always study the competition and tend to focus on those who are doing well. You’re so ballsy in your approach, you’re writing less brand names, you don’t offer free revisions, and most of your reviews are positive although you do get an a-hole every once in a while.

That’s nice, but if it takes you 10 hours to make $100, then it’s not worth it.

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“Ballsy”… that’s quite a compliment, thank you! :slight_smile:

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