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As a new seller it is difficult to get any order lol


As a new seller it is difficult to get any order lol

Hello and thanks for taking a little of your time and reading this.
Guys I know being new is not going to be easy at first because nobody knows about new FiverR sellers and it’s just because when you start looking for a GIGs you can only see the best sellers, and it’s great, I want to say it They deserve to be on the front page after all they are doing a good job … but what about a little love to new members? … I’m saying, in my case I do not use and I have no social media to promote, so it’s a little difficult … but anyway Thank you and see you around :grin:


laughing out loud is definitely gonna help. :slight_smile:

so you registered like literally a few days ago, and already posted on the forum about how hard it is for new sellers? :smiley:

your 1 gig provides no samples whatsoever about your higher selling tiers, there’s no link to past work, only 1 demo/cover image.

so I would start there. :slight_smile:

Oh, I would also remove the “leave me a good review” part of your 4 step process for the buyer.


Hi thanks for the advice I appreciate, and I am not angry or something, is that I read a lot post with the same problem, people who have weeks and even longer and did not receive any order
So I’m a bit scared, but optimistic … I just want to point that out, and I know I’m really new, but it’s an opinion based on what I saw … I’m working on my profile, so I’m optimistic


Let me put it this way:

just because everyone is complaining about it on the forum, does that mean it’s a solution?

Everyone is more than welcome to post his gig on the “improve my gig” section and ask for advice.

But posting just to say new sellers deserve a chance will get you nowhere. Just ask the dozens of new sellers posting here.

Hey I’ve been here for at least 3 years. Every couple of weeks or so my sales drop to 0.

Do you see me post about it here asking for help?

no. do you want to know what I do? I use the down time to improve my skills, gigs, offerings, and branding.

And it always works.


Hey sorry if my post offends you, I’m not looking for compassion or anything else
As you can tell i’m new I do not know everything about this page … and I am very glad that a person with much experience as you give me your opinion and advice … but what I want to say is the fact that it is difficult when You start, I’m not posting to get likes, no sir …
I am glad that you have the possibility to invest your time in promoting your profile and your work, and that does not publish post asking for help I am really happy, I hope you respect my opinion as your respect …
I know that complaining is not going to help but as I say I am OPTIMISTIC


just because everyone is complaining about it


@ameraltaf1 way to contribute. :slight_smile:


@chapice I was never offended. I was trying to help you.



Everyone here started from scratch. You have to work hard and be patient. Nothing comes over night.


In all fairness, I checked out your Tumblr page and I have to admit that your drawings are actually really good :slight_smile:
So I think you might even make it here, but you need to work on your gig description and add your best work to the portfolio. Since you don’t have any orders yet, you should have enough time to go through Fiverr Academy and Forum.


Why am I treated like a guy who the minute he signed up on fiverr, was handed the keys to the main office, made TRS and took selfies with Micha Kaufman himself??

I struggled too in an over saturated category, I remember how stressful it was, and how insecure I felt.

But I also remember pulling all-nighters, my then girlfriend and now wife, telling me that I work too much, that I spend too much money on seminars, courses to improve my skills and that I had no time for her. :slight_smile:

Every time I respond to a 0 level seller with zero sales, is solely because I want to help them and stress that it’s a mentality issue, and not a gig description issue. But every time, I get pissed off responses because what? I have it good?

“Snitch” please…

I still practice new skills for about 2 hours, or design my next gigs, or plan about my next profile pic, after I am done with my orders each day.

do you?


I will do my best and work hard


thank you so much and i know that nothing comes over night…and i’m working hard…


And you did it , i made a tumblr page like a portfolio… kinda lol…and I’m creating more gigs with a few different options for my page and thanks


The thing that amazes me is the the sellers who post REAL advice seldom get thanked for it. It is all very well telling a new seller to do the usual things - buyer requests, social media etc but the reality is that if they (not speaking about the OP) cannot even read through the Academy or some of the thousands of posts with great advice then they are unlikely to get very far. Even with great personalized advice for their first question, they will need more great personalized advice for the next question…
Honestly, people could earn a living here if they apply themselves but spending a day studying the tips from top sellers is beyond them. The alternative to that day is to post their (not speaking about the OP) question on the forum and wait for replies telling them to post on social media? Come on, they are never going to be able to freelance.


Thanks for making me feel that I do not deserve to be here, it was not my intention to annoy anyone, when I find out how to delete the post I will eliminate it, I do not want to read this type of comments anymore because they are a bit hurtful … please do not comment. Sorry, I will delete the post


Isn’t that hard, i’m new seller, i just posted gig a week ago, and now i got my first order in queue.
You have to be patient, and let it go…
In that time your are waiting, grow up your skills more, and that made good reviews at the beginning.
Good luck.


The secret of success is to remain persistent but above all be ready to learn from people who are doing well in what you are about to start doing or are fresh in doing.Sincerely, a Rome is not built in a day and as you grow daily, upgrade your skills too.


As I said in my comment, I was not referring to you (OP is you - Original post/poster) as I read your comment saying you were asking the question about if it is difficult because of how many posts you read about it.
That is very different to the type of new seller that I was talking about.