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As a NEW SELLER on Fiverr, how do i get sales?


As a NEW SELLER on Fiverr, how do i get sales?
I feel like quitting
I put in my best
Pls, help me out


If stealing someone else’s gig description is your best, perhaps you need to acquire useful skills first, and learn to do something that someone would be willing to pay for.


You made my day sir
U really made me happy
i’ll create my own gig now
But is it advisable to use other persons’ picture?


1st, Catwriter is girl.

2nd, Why don’t you tell us and answer your own question.


I never knew
I’m sorry


No. It’s inappropriate and dishonest.


For a start @blesstolu, make your gigs your own. Construct your titles and descriptions, let them detail what you’re offering in your own words. Your profile description should also follow the same ethics.

It’s not nice to copy other sellers’ descriptions and profiles word for word, apart from the fact that it’s wrong, that’s a lazy way to start a business you want to earn from. Wouldn’t you rather work, make mistakes and get better at them with each try?

There’s more than enough information for you in the forum to get back on track - The tips for sellers, improve my gigs, my fiverr experience and the ranting pot (yes, the ranting pot) categories could give you a headstart.

You could also visit the fiverr academy to get familiar with all the rules, tips and how you can get noticed as a seller on fiverr:

It may have been worse, but it can get better if you’re willing to try!


Thanks a lot @introvideos12
Thanks for your advice…


From the fist time I’ve been on this internet freelancing galactic travel, when I read the ultimate freelancer galactic guide:
First rule is be a marketer, advertise your business.


I didn’t know Shailene Woodley was a seller on Fiverr.
Definitely update your photo.