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As A New User Introduction

Hello Fiverr Family,

I am new here and i am SQA manual tester. I have been working in software house since Feb 2015. I am here now to provide my services on Fiverr. I know I am still not perfect as per Fiverr expectations but I will surely do hard word and provide my best services on Fiverr as much as I can. I hope Fiverr family will hold my back.


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Unfortunately, we won’t be holding anything anything connected to you. But, I do wish you luck, in a business sense, as you work hard to make a name for yourself here on Fiverr. You are responsible for your own success, so please do not expect us to support you as you do so. We’ll assist you here on the forums, but we aren’t going to be making you successful. That’s not what we’re here for.

@jonbaas :grinning: holding my back is in sense of “Wishing me” .

Yeah you are right I am exactly responsible for my work and will do my best to provide best service.