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As a newbie i need some answer

I am a newbie in and also Fiverr forum. so I need some information or suggestions.after joining Fiverr forum I saw that some people are sharing their gig in My Fiverr Gig category .if I do this job then I have to face any problem? and it is good or bad if I share my gig.also as a newbie in Fiverr I want to share here my gig to seeing all of you for gathering information.

I saw many people sharing their gigs there, so i think you can do it.
Anyway, if you want to get the solution to a lot of your questions just watch this very helpful course by fiverr team (completely free):

Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller

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Thanks for your comment. already i have completed this amazing course but i see The mentor of this course said that we can share our gig in

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