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As a newbie on fiverr how to promote gigs and get first order? Need help::

I am very new here. Haven’t got any order so far. So I need tips from you guys. How to promote my gigs and get my first order. One thing is to mention is I am not getting much buyer request related the gig I created. So how do I get more buyer request? And how to get my first order?
Here is my profile
Please tell me what is wrong here and which thing needs correction??


Nice GIGs.

Share your GIGS on social media and use buyer request.

You can look at tips to improve your gigs. Use videos, ensure your pricing and delivery time make sense and so forth. Hope that helped.

I’m new here too, but am looking forward to the challenge of promoting my gig. That’s part of the fun. I think I’ll start with social media.

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