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As a seller can I

Ask a youtube/twitch link from buyer to watch his content before i start to edit videos for him ?

I think you can ask the buyer for his YouTube channel link IF that’s the only way that you can complete the order.

Just an FYI, the buyer doesn’t have to give you his YouTube channel, and if they choose not to, then don’t bother them about it!

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If it’s relevant to your gig and helps you better understand the client, sure you can ask. Just respect their ‘no’ if they give that as an answer.


Yes, it was just to know if it was against tos, also, was forum down ? I always had error 400 while trying to go there since 1 day

Sometimes this happens to me. If I completely close the browser it is fine when I go back.

Took me weeks to discover this! :slightly_smiling_face:

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