As a seller do you buy from other fiverrs?


I’m just curious as to how many fiverrs use and buy other fiverrs services?

Do you mind if other fiverrs contact you for with their services?

B2B is successful in the offline world - is it useful or annoying in the fiverr world?


I’ve purchased from other Fiverr sellers.


Contacting other users via inbox to offer them your services is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service (because it’s spamming), unless they have contacted you first to ask about them.


Do you mean that you are afraid that they take your service and resale it to a client ?


I am both a buyer and a seller at Fiverr.


You can buy from other sellers if you need something which you can’t do yourself or because of busy schedule.


As a seller, I purchase from other Fiverrers quite often as many times the service I order is specific and ideal for my business needs. Purchasing from other providers is also a great way to build relationships. I have one service provider who’s done work for me before and he did such a great job, that I routinely refer work to him. I have another that I always specifically use whenever I need voice overs. Point being you can build a great team of service providers for your own business needs right here on Fiverr alone.


I have bought others’ gigs. It’s very useful, you turn into a buyer yourself and see what you start looking for when you want a good gig.


Well, 99.99% I’ve been a buyer.


The OP is no longer on fiverr.