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As a Seller, do you have any country Preference?

Hello folks, hope you are doing well. I have been in Fiverr since 2017. I have already worked for many clients. But I have a soft corner for the clients from USA because of the past experience. Do you have any country preference? If yes, Can you kindly portray the reasons?

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This might not be a wise topic, because it is against the forum rules to call out or target sellers from specific countries. The potential for that is strong in a topic like this. In addition, it really doesn’t matter who likes to work with whom. This kind of information isn’t going to be helpful for you, and could cast other sellers from certain countries in a bad light.


“Be careful if making any post that may make users uncomfortable due the mention of specific cities/states/provinces/countries/continents/regions or ethnic groups.”

The above is from the forum rules: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's


thanks for your feedback. I am not trying to justify myself, but was sharing my thoughts. I have not tried to highlight any group or any client from any country. And yes, it will also help people. Do you know why? I have bad experience while working for clients from a specific country that I have not mentioned. But if people share their thoughts sellers can think when they will work for the clients from that country. This is just an example. Anyway, thanks

I do have a mild curiosity and look to see where each is from.
But since so many are using VPN it isn’t something I can even trust.


As you are not allowed to mention the country and nobody else can mention countries there isn’t much point in the topic.


You did indeed do this. You stated that you prefer sellers from the USA because you think they are more experienced. I know for a fact that there are experienced sellers all over the world.

No. It won’t. It will only cast some sellers from some countries in a poor light, while elevating sellers from other countries.

And THIS is exactly why a topic like this is a major no-no. Thank you for proving my point.


I’ve had both good and not as good experiences from all countries. That includes ones you might at first think of when you think of problem places. Wonderful people are in all countries.

A high rate of people who contact me are using VPN and that includes previous clients who tell me they use it. So I’m never sure where anyone really is from.


No one will say it, but every seller has countries they like working with and others where orders tend to tun out to be nightmares. Typically, if you are an English language writer, you encounter problems with non-native English buyers. Cultures where manual labor is considered an occupation for sub-humans is are also best avoided if possible.

:thinking: I think I might know one like that but not sure.

No, I don’t. I might have preferences for certain individuals, after I get to know them a bit, because you “click” more with some, less with others, but not for countries. People are different, and people aren’t their country.


I do not have a preference for any country. Even if you are from another planet as long as you have the funds to purchase my gig and you understand what I can deliver to you, then am game.

I’m pretty sure any potential buyers from another planet won’t be using any currency that is compatible with USD here on Earth. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t look up or even have any curiosity as to where my buyers come from. It doesn’t matter really in the type of service I offer. I prefer buyers who know what it is they want to ask and are open to receiving the answer though. LOL


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If they have figured out Fiverr, they probably must have figured out the currency.:joy::joy:

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