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As a seller, how can i offer my service in buyer request


I had offered my gigs in buyer request section two times but fiverr team declined it. How can represent my gigs in buyer request section. Posting offer in buyer request, Is it helpful to get order?

Advanced Thanks.


Buyer requests is where buyers put their requirements for jobs they want done.


I have seen some seller request in buyer request section and they offer there service in this section as well.


It is only for buyers. Sellers are not supposed to post there. There are numerous posts on the forum complaining about sellers posting there.


So you want to say its not possible?


It’s not allowed, you’ll only get yourself reported for spamming.
More importantly, it’s also pointless. Buyers only see their own requests.


It may be possible but you are not supposed to do it and nobody will buy from you by doing it.


Thanks a lot Mr. idostuff74 for your advice. Can you tell me that how can i represent my gigs to real buyer. And how can i find out my buyer. I mean, want to buy me service, how can i find out them?

Thanks again


Ok, Thanks for your information,


Posting as a seller is AGAINST Fiverr Rules. I know you have seen many sellers in the Buyer Request, but you would never send offer to them, right? So don’t think about getting order by Posting in the Buyer Request. You can report the sellers in the Buyer Request to the CS.


As the name suggest, “Buyers Request” is for “Buyers”. Fiverr generally declines any such attempts by a seller to post a request and even if you succeed in posting one, No buyer will contact you.


With the answers provided above, you must have understood the BR section isn’t for sellers but there are several other things you can do to increase your gig visibility. You can advertise your gigs on social media like G+, Facebook or Twitter. Also, the manner in which you build your gig matters as shown in this post 3 super tips to get attracted


There are enough sellers that don’t get orders spamming the Buyer Requests timeline already. I don’t see why fiverr doesn’t ban these people outright.