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As a seller, how to rate buyer?

Still a bit of a newbie as a seller here. How can I give my buyers a 5 star rating? I’ve looked everywhere, but can’t seem to figure it out.

Also, I can like 10 gigs created. Why do I only see 8 when I click “view my gigs”. Is this normal? Where are the rest?

Thanks so much!

After buyer gives you a rating on your submitted work, then you can give him/her a rating, otherwise, you can not rate a buyer.
You can read more from here I also can see 8 active gigs. I think two of your gig is Paused.

You can re-activate them.

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Thanks so much.

That’s strange, it’s showing all 10 active in the dashboard, I just can’t see the other 2. Should I contact support about this, or just wait it out?

Yes, if some gig doesn’t appear there, Please contact CS regarding your matter. If you create more than one gig same category it doesn’t appear normally. Please contact CS for more.

Thanks rocks_design. That’s probably it. Will contact them. Have a great evening.

You are welcome… Have a pleasant evening to you…

What a nice discussion. I also wanted to rate and review my buyer but I couldn’t. I have now realized that the seller can review their buyer only when the latter has done so. Thanks.