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As a seller, I offer unlimited revisions


You heard that right. I believe in 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means, I will do unlimited number of revisions for a buyer until my product comes out right to fit buyer’s requirements.

I produce videos. It is preposterous of me as a seller to think my first draft revision will come out perfect. Most buyers are not unreasonable. They don’t get any pleasure out of “enslaving” you for days. They want to make sure the video comes out good.

Buyers have an idea of their final video based on my gig samples, but honestly, it’s like asking an artist to draw futuristic photos of your child while your wife is pregnant. Yep, no one knows what your baby will look like at the age of 18 no matter how many artist sketches you draw.

Buyers, make sure your seller is reasonably willing to work with you and that he/she has a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy or money back policy as I do. And I am speaking as a seller, not a buyer. And NO, I will not give you negative ratings if you cancel the order on me if you are NOT satisfied.


As a Whiteboard animation provider , i my self is providing alot for 5$ but you know thats for the start . once you have orders in queue then you can easily come to the original offer.


So, what’s the point?

Everyone value his own work. Is your choice if you offer unlimited revisions or not.

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Offering unlimited revisions is wrong :slight_smile: I know a few buyers that are never going to be satisfied …no matter what :slight_smile:


My friend,

Please be careful with the intellectual properties you resell or release, because some customers release the videos they produce here from Fiverr on Cable TV or even youtube. Make sure you get the licenses for any stock footage you use or make sure your customers buy the footage you are going to edit into your videos. Some of the stock footages are extremely expensive for the correct licenses to pass on to your customers… I know first hand. :slight_smile: otherwise good luck!


For me 100% satisfaction guarantee means that if you don’t like the word, I will revise it or refund it. But endless revisions? I don’t have the time.

km0000 said: I produce videos. It is preposterous of me as a seller to think my first draft revision will come out perfect.

I saw your work, if all you do is change the supers, it should come out perfect. If your clients can't write a quality super, that's not your problem.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Hi, what is supers? I am not sure what you mean. Also remember, most buyers will not ask you for even 10 revisions. “Unlimited” means until buyer is reasonably satisfied. Believe me, buyers usually don’t request more than 5 to 10 revs. And most revs for me are usually quite simple. Ex. change fonts in text title, make punctuation correction, replace a photo, speed up the video, change music.

Yes it takes time but remember: Buyer satisfaction pays off in the long run with repeat orders and strong recommendations. So my policy is a happy buyer is a great investment in my future business. My time investment for the buyers will pay off dividends in the long run. Remember, no buyer is unreasonable. And they don’t do it to make you their slave. They genuinely want to make some improvements in their final product. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.


Reply to @joeyperezwest: I only use royalty free footage, prepaid footage or footage that the customers buy on their own and then provide to me. I know very well how YouTube works. They take down footage that is copyrighted. I custom produce most of my videos but some of my videos use stock footage.


If a buyer wants 5-10 revisions that’s a problem either with what you’re offering or the buyer. I am more than happy to make changes if they are through fault in my writing because I believe that I offer a superior product, although limited in scope. If I am turning in writing with bad grammar then I’m not a writer that should sell my product. If I have typos then I need a new software program because mine didn’t catch it.

I don’t believe that Fiverr is necessarily the place to put my normal business packages because a buyer that comes to a place called “Fiverr” for something is looking for a bargain, not value or quality work. I offer “bargains” here, not quality because quality takes time and has a significant value attached to it.

400 words of copywriting should cost upwards of $18, not $5. What people sell for $5 is an article that they pass off as copywriting. If you did copywriting for $5 you are an idiot who shouldn’t be copywriting because that means you cannot sell yourself for more than $5.

That sounds harsh, I know, but it is the truth.

The ONLY way I would sell $5 copy is if we could contact people directly or write contracts that enabled us to create bulk orders, which none of us can do nor should do given that we are not allowed to speak to someone IRL and hear the tone of their voice and associate a level of trust through communication. We just don’t have all the variables to make an informed decision.

Conversely, buyers can’t trust people fully who will sell their services for $5. If we’re so great why are we on Fiverr?

It’s an impasse.

Fiverr is great for students, supplemental income, or those who live in countries with a much lower standard of living. I’ve made money here. My housemate has made a LOT of money on here, but its still not enough to pay rent simply because of the 20% commission Fiverr takes for their service.

I appreciate the site for what it is and am grateful for the opportunity to work here, but I don’t pretend that it is something it is not, either.


Reply to @km0000: Sorry, supers is short for subtitles, those words you put in videos.

I think your giving your buyers way too much power. They should order another gig after the second revision, or that could be a gig extra.

All my fiverr gig videos with one exception where created by guys like you, the only time I demanded revision was when the video lasted too long, wasn’t Fiverr compatible, I found spelling mistakes, he forgot to add “Available Exclusively on Fiverr,” the file wasn’t Fiverr-friendly, etc. But keep in mind I only demanded one revision.

Anyway, you gotta do Fiverr the way you see best, I’m only making suggestions. Once you have a queue of 14, or even 7, you’ll see if it’s worth making all those revisions.

infinityplusone said: a buyer that comes to a place called "Fiverr" for something is looking for a bargain, not value or quality work.

Reply to @infinityplusone: There's plenty of quality work being done on Fiverr, I have clients that absolutely love me and end up ordering my other gigs. AnarchoFighter bought a house with his Fiverr earnings, Newbolt3d (if I remember his name correctly) makes $100,000 a year. Everyone wants quality work, if I buy a hotdog for 1 dollar, I expect it to taste good. If I go to McDonalds, I have the same expectations. Paying less doesn't mean getting less. However, there's only so many revisions one can do when you're only getting $4.

infinityplusone said: 400 words of copywriting should cost upwards of $18, not $5.

Well, that's not how the real world works. San Francisco is an extremely expensive city, yet I've seen full-time jobs for junior copywriters that only pay $22,500. So I guess he can forget about having a car, he will need a roommate, and he will probably need to live far outside the city and commute everyday. Full-time copywriters do a 40+ hour week, and they're writing more than 400 words a day.

infinityplusone said: Fiverr is great for students, supplemental income, or those who live in countries with a much lower standard of living.

True, but it has become a full-time job for some. The job market is brutal, cover letters and resumes are being read by computers and discarded before a pair of eyes sees them. Applications are being made difficult on purpose to get rid of people that are impatient or give up easily (there's a special place in hell for Taleo). Recruiters no longer have the credibility they once did, and just because they recommend you doesn't mean you get the job, or even the interview. The working world also discriminates against the overweight, smokers, primadonas, people with job gaps, people who get fired often, the elderly (in advertising, you're old at 40)... So as you can see, you're gonna find a lot of experienced people on Fiverr.


I offer multiple revisions. I think they should love the work or they shouldn’t pay anything. It’s works for me at about 1200 orders. There are some customers that require extra. I build it into the price for all the gigs. It is very expensive time wise, but it has paid off in my reviews. I haven’t had any negative reviews and all 5 stars. I have slowly went up on the prices and have an average sale of about $30.00.


I also offer unlimited revisions for my sales letters and telesales scripts. I’ve never had anyone need more than 3 revisions


Same here i am also offering unlimited revision otherwise money back guaranty and i got some order & buyers asked me for several modification and i did until they were satisfied but i notice after successfully delivered work they don’t post review either they contact me back. I tired to contact them several times but they even don’t respond me back. I don’t know what wrong i am doing in this. I was stuck to do several modification & buyer only pay just 15$ for the work and asked me to do revision until they were satisfied. Is this a joke :frowning: I don’t know why don’t understand that the work i am dong is not as much easy to do. It takes several hours to do the modification but buyer take it lightly they thought we are machine working all 24 hours in front of desk.

They even don’t know we are offering very cheap services here and if they go with some other freelancer website they have to pay almost 100$ for just a logo but on Fiverr we did the work in just 5$. wtf is this :frowning:

I suggest to Fiverr to change your title with 5$ to 20$ or even more. I know there is custom offer features added few month back but it will help only when buyer is agree to pay more than 5$. I have clearly mention in my all gigs contact me first before placing an order & you won’t believe recently i got an order of just 5$ & buyer asking me to design marvelous poster in just one gig. Do you agree with me that it’s possible to design marvelous poster on a given story given by buyer is possible to do?. If anyone agree with me drop your messages below please.

Thanks for getting some precious time from your busy schedule to read my post.


I do the same as well. If you work hard with the buyer and give them what they want, they will most likely come back and order again and leave a good review.


Reply to @strokelogocomp: I read your post, but I can’t see your gigs?


Reply to @sadecent: The key is to charge a higher price and provide better service than to charge a low price and provide poor service. I know you value your time. So the best thing to do is raise your price if you feel your service is worth it. Otherwise you tell the buyer outright that what they get for $5 is cheap product and that’s the end of conversation with her. If she wants more then she has to order extra.

I set my prices on the high side and lose a lot of buyers. But I will not lower my prices and leave bad impression on the buyer. That’s me. I operate on a higher price level and only want buyers who operate on higher level, not lower price levels.