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As a seller I want to add another person as team member to working on a project on Fiverr

Hey there, I am selling services related to SEO, One of my clients needs his website pages to look better (Website Designing), So I have a Pro web designer who is not on Fiverr but he is in my team, & I want to make a group where we can discuss this project together with client. Please let me know any solution. Thank You.

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Have you find the way to add a team member?

You can join a team through Fiverr Studios.

As of now, there’s no other way unless you know the other seller outside of Fiverr and want to privately discuss a deal with them! Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much!
Fiver studio? I will try! Yes my thought is to invite as member another person outside o fiver.

Fiverr has to manually invite you to Fiverr Studios. They handpick certain people!

You could do this, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Freelancing is kind of like working by yourself, so I’m not sure how the payments and everything would work out for this.

Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely possible, but it’s just not something I would recommend doing.

Oh thank you I have no idea about!
I’ve logged in to fiverr business and there was an option to create a team but I can’t find it to day :neutral_face:
I appreciate a lot your opinion about. Yes it’s a little bit complicated I agree with you.