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As a seller, would you prefer to have your earnings for a rated order added to your balance within 24 hrs?

I think that if a buyer marks an order complete or even leaves a review, the revenue from that order should be added to a seller’s balance within 24 hrs. 99% of buyers do not come back to dispute an order they marked complete or even rated. In my experience as a seller, that is what I have figured out. Once a buyer completes an order, they don’t have any issues again.

However, I would like for the status quo to remain for orders that were marked complete automatically by the system.

We (sellers) can all agree that we have more buyers who complete their orders (not by the system) than buyers who do not complete their orders (those orders marked complete by the system).

What do you guys think? Sellers need to have their money quickly instead of waiting for 14 days for orders that were completed/rated by buyers.

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I always wish funds clear within 24hrs after order was completed and reviewed.
I don’t see the reason why a seller don’t want that.

Of course some others will come and tell me and you that some employee get paid after jobs had completed 14 days IN REAL LIFE. :smirk:

I wish fiverr can come up something better for the funds clearing part in 2020, make it faster, simpler and easier. That will benefit everyone IMO.


I’d want that but it’s not going to happen. The clearance period is there for a reason, and while 14 days is a lot, 24 hours is unrealistic. It’s not a local bank operation.


I agree it won’t change. But if it’s possible to be 7 days for a TRS, then it can be 7 days for everyone. Although in the end if you get consistent work you don’t really see the difference.

Even if it’s not one day, 3 days is okay. But 14 days? Come on!

I agree with you. :upside_down_face:

I think the clearance period saves us from having to give :moneybag: back if a buyer is unhappy. :grimacing:

I would rather wait 14 days and then send it to my bank than send it to my bank and have to see a negative balance in my earnings. :flushed:

Yep, that was my first thought. Only as a teacher, when I taught I was waited 30-31 days before I got paid. Plus, I had to find other work in the summers.

Besides, once you get the money ball rolling there is money coming in every day. I like seeing that little box beside my profile picture grow each day. :wink:

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14 Days seems very far but with consistent job orders you will most likely not know the difference.

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