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As a somewhat experienced level 2 seller, I should know better, But

I’m tempted to ask the same question that I see all the new sellers ask, but instead, I’ll ask this.

If I buy a smart phone ( no I don’t have one :smiley: ) and install the fiverr app, will I be able to respond to messages much faster without having to be tied to my PC?

I’m thinking that with the increased competition, I would probably need to reply to messages much more quickly before the buyer runs off and gets what they need from someone else.

Yes. But take it easy.

You mean take it easy with replying to messages too quickly?

Take the whole Fiverr thing easy…you are getting too stressed.

I agree, but it’s my only source of income.

Before investing in a smartphone just for Fiverr, I’d save that money for living expenses. A mobile device helps a little, but the apps are barely out of beta and I get hit or miss results on my phone.

I would save your money and invest time instead. Put part of your time into finding other income streams whether it’s freelancing, eBay, other e-commerce sites, etc. Invest time in finding any kind of offline work as well.

Fiverr is not a safe single income source unless you have savings you could live on for 6 months to a year.

Exactly…I wanted to tell him that as well.

Thanks for the advice guys :slight_smile: