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As a very new seller i have decided

So I have started selling my services just before 30 hours, and now i decided to do all my gigs at minimum rate possible means at 5,10 and 15 dollars. Although the work involve a lot effort but at start i think this strategy will perfectly be fine…
what you guys say on this?

So anyway Now i changed my prices to the original as u guys are saying, it has nothing to do with getting orders, anyway…


Take care please as while this “pants dropping” approach seems attractive, it doesn’t help anyone.

Fiverr is awash with stupidly priced cookie-cutter work where the results are often dire. A good client should work this out pretty quickly and will move up until they start finding decent work. As an example I looked at people Mixing music and while there were some people offering Analog this and that for less than a cup of coffee, it wasn’t until I got over $100 that things started to sound remotely listenable.

Going cut-rate not only damages the client outcomes but you personally. Using the Mixing example: $100 for 10 hours of specialist work is 1/5th of what is needed for a basic wage to feed your family (and that is before we take off Fiverr’s 20%). Maybe in India, Malaysia or the like that is a fortune, but soon it won’t be and if you have helped push the whole market so low, there is no real market and all that can happen is cut-rate outcomes.



Very well put.

It is a total myth that the lower your prices are, the more likely you are to get sales.

All this approach does is make you prey to unscrupulous buyers who take up a huge amount of your time, meaning you get paid even less per hour.

Bottom basement prices also don’t tackle the core issues like supply exceeding demand. If you are a needle in a haystack, you don’t become a bigger, more visible needle by charging peanuts. You are just as invisible, plus you look like an amateur.


As another new user who has only received scam messages so far,
good luck buddy!


alright i got your point. But Bro don’t you think at start i have to do this, after i have a strong profile and image, later on i can increase my prices? what you say?

alright, thanks for your precious words, i appreciate that. :slight_smile:

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hmm thanks and best wishes for you too.

As @humanissocial already told you, low prices DO NOT guarantee more sales.

Set your prices at a level you know your target customers are willing to pay, and then do some effective marketing and promotion to bring in customers at that price point.


GREAT! and thank you

Dude, don’t call me Bro. I am not some Hipster wannabe :wink:

Now I am thinking that if you got my point then you would understand that while dropping your pants seems the easy way in, it actually isn’t. As you have seen from @orangedweeb, all you’ll get (and me too) is people expecting work for $0 and ghosting when it will cost them - or far worse behaviors.

But it is your thing so go do what you feel is right and see what happens. I have no idea who you are, what you are doing, at what sort of quality so really can’t say anymore.