As a woman, do you notice that people from a few countries consistently treat you rudely?


There have been several occasions where men from certain countries seem to have no cultural competence and aggressively attempt to make demands on me. It’s almost like they see me as a subjugated second class human, maybe because I’m a woman? With them, there is usually disrespect when I uphold my pricing and legitimate boundaries. It just reminds me to keep speaking up for equality among all of us and that there is still much work to do to make this a more peaceful world. If you’re from one of these places, I hope you question your cultural norms and have the strength of character to enact change. <3


Cultural differences and language barriers exist. Report and/or ignore and move on. Why waste even more time being aggravated?

“To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it.” - Confucius


A person present not only himself/herself but also his/her family, society and country. So every person must behave like a human.


@warriorbride…Why would anyone do work for someone through Fiverr without them ordering a gig first?

Several people have inquired about a gig and when it gets to the point of them asking me to do the job I say… Sure just order a gig and I’ll get right on it.

Then they either buy the gig or not. Either way it’s done and clear.

It may only be $5 but business is business. Make sure you’re buyers know that.


yes there is one called WEBERNEST he was a WEEK late paying when he promised to pay me on Monday and I let him have the weekend to look over the work he also solicited me to pay me OUTSIDE of Fiverr on Paypal which is AGAINST the rules here, and then he gave me satisfactory work, because I of this and I even offered him 800 FREE WORDS because he was a REPEAT customer, but very HARD to work with and didn’t understand ENGLISH too well and didn’t GET that when he is LATE with my money that I don’t get paid a week LATER ?? he got mad because I posted the TRUTH about him and that he didn’t WANT TO PAY FOR AN EXTRA 5.00 for the 800 words when others would have just given me a TIP or given me an extra 5.00 gig, he basically ripped me off and was cheap as it was, so just to warn you all about this he said that he was too BUSY to pay me sooner, I told him that when the work is FINISHED that you pay, NOT a WEEK later or when you WANT TO ok he just DIDN’T GET IT and was HARRASSING me, we REALLY NEED a BLOCK button for SURE ha


I am happy to say I never had this experience.


I agree Calimode that there are buyers like this from other countries. Although I am a man who is in touch with his feminine side I do not think it is gender specific. I think it’s just the way it is with certain men from other countries who speak in demands because frankly that’s all they know. It is a bit strange to have someone say to me when ordering an article to say “You will research this topic and then you will deliver to me and if it is ok then I will agree to do business with you.” I’m thinking that is what you may be running into. Like I said I don’t think it’s targeted at women. I am a Marine Corps veteran and former electrician and I get that all the time. I just laugh and move on:)


I can’t speak for the idiots who would treat you with disrespect, but putting my sexist hat on, I notice you’re not only female but also attractive and blond. Men from certain countries, like the Persian ones, would be much more likely to treat you in an unprofessional manner because of the latter two factors. I have several female friends who can confirm this.


I’m not going to mention any specific countries to avoid “unpleasantness”. But a few countries with associated attitudes have popped up in a more than random way.


I’ve had some downright rude and demanding requests from buyers from specific countries, not sure if it was a man/woman thing or whether it was them coming across rude unintentionally because English wasn’t their first language…?


I would suggest that you flag any messages that are excessively rude, cancel any orders from such buyers and report them if they are breaking the Fiverr ToS.

Regardless of cultural differences, there is absolutely no reason why you should continue to subject yourself to situations that offend you.


Which countries??


Reply to @wpfalcon: Don’t encourage that sort of behavior! It doesn’t matter. EVERYONE on Fiverr has the ability to avoid unpleasantness, there is no value in creating a thread to insult entire nations based on the perceptions of a few interactions. Just don’t.


Reply to @itsyourthing: I’m just curious :smiley: