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As i have completed 2 orders but order completion rate is still stuck on 89%

As i have completed 2 orders but order completion rate is still stuck on 89%
4 hours left in the evaluations ends :frowning:

It will take some time for the system to update the stats.
From my experience, the average time is 2 days.
I think the evaluation ended yesterday; keep delivering quality work and good luck next month.

evaluation is still in progress
And in previous month when i deliver order it automatically increase 1% in my performance!
i took it from 70 percent from past 2 months :confused: and then this bug happend :confused:

And evaluation Have 4 more hours to get ended :slight_smile:


Did you take all the completed orders within 60 days into account?
The orders completed outside this metric will be left out.
Eg: Until yesterday, you completed 100 orders, among them 10 orders completed in the first day of the latest 60 days. 10 orders were late. => Delivery on time = 90%
Today, you don’t have any orders. Then the total orders counted will be only 90 => Delivery on time = 89%

Regard the evaluation time, it always happen to me on 3PM GMT +7 which is 8AM GMT. Not sure about your location though.

No i have completed 7 orders in 60 days without getting late

In Pakistan evaluations start 4PM GMT +5 and get ended on 00:00

Your time zone is not very different from mine. Some of my friends in India received the evaluation notification yesterday, roughly the same time when I did.
If you are sure you counted the orders correctly, you should contact CS about this problem.

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OK Thank You so much for your help @power_design :slight_smile:

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Same thing happening to me
In last 60 days
Completed Orders are 26
Cancelled are 3
But still on 84%