As no vacancy OFFLINE so i'd stopped looking for JOB ,plz tell me ways to get fiverr clients


As no vacancy OFFLINE so i’d stopped looking for JOB ,

Hope fiverr clients will help me to send me work or tell me ways atleast to get clients asap

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Hi and welcome.

Let’s start here, at the beginning.


Your FIRST FIVERR GIG is your education. Use it to;

  • Learn how the Fiverr system works
  • Learn how to deliver successfully
  • Learn how to handle negative feedback
  • Learn how to tweak your service to market demands

    Decide what FIRST GIG to launch. It should be something that you;
  • Know a lot about
  • Can talk about intelligently and enthusiastically
  • Are good at (with a track record)
  • Never tire of doing
  • Can do anytime

    Understand that FIVERR is just a parking space for your GIG.

    On Fiverr you are an independent business owner. You are essentially on your own. Most folks jump in blind, over their head with little or no advertising, sales, marketing, promotions, product development or business experience. It’s a lot hats to wear.

    LEARN where to find BUYERS, and drive them to your gig.

    Most of your Buyers are not on Fiverr. Relying on Fiverr to bring Buyers is like a fisherman relying on rain to bring fish. You have to go where the Buyers are; Blogs, Forums, Social Media, your hometown, your church, your school. You must let people know what you do and how to buy your products/services.

    LEARN how to convert people into BUYERS.
  • Learn and use good grammar and basic communication skills
  • Learn how to effectively express the value of your service
  • Learn the art of copy writing and story telling

    TEST, TWEAK and TEST again.
  • Test everything. Gig Titles, Descriptions, Tags, Keywords and your Offers.

    Good luck!


This is some great advice from voiceoverwork. What helped me was starting with just one gig and really working on the wording, images, video, etc.

Click around on fiverr and browse the other gigs out there–it helps you see what good gigs look like. :slight_smile: There are also some helpful forum posts with advice for new sellers, and you can find ideas by googling fiverr, too. (Lots of articles, blog posts, and videos out there.)