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As of Today, I am a Level 2 Seller!


So I wake up this morning and did what I do every morning, picked up my phone and checked my Fiverr App. I was surfing through the messages when I see my little profile picture in the top left corner. Apart from that, I see something new. It’s a little purple circle with the number 2 written in it. :open_mouth:

I realize what that was as soon as I saw it. I turned on my laptop, and to my surprise I get this pop up on my Fiverr profile that I am a Level 2 seller now!

The level of my excitement was above par, and truly hard work does pay off!

I am just so happy. :-bd


Welcome to Fiverr, and congratulations on becoming an established seller :slight_smile:


Congrats! :slight_smile:


congrats on this

Level two = a new way to sell.





Thank you so much for the support guys! :slight_smile:


Nice professional attitude. Way to go. :slight_smile:






Great and congratulations.


Congrats! Well done :slight_smile:


Reply to @qasim16: How much did you pay for re-sale licensing on the “one in a minion” shirt?