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As seller, do you rely main income from fiverr?


I want to know your experience during join fiverr…


If you rely on income from fiverr you will be living in a two story pork and bean can eating ramen noodles on a turd stove. Fiverr is a great place to supplement income. Pay for web hosting, buy a girl a drink maybe even rent a movie.

If you are serious about generating income online. You need to use all the resources the web has to offer. If your a designer, sell your wares on several sites. A writer, write columns for news services etc.


I would say, i treat fiverr income as Savings. It is not my main source of income.

As i do freelancing of web development and graphic designing that make me a reasonable money for living.

I joined Fiverr for FUN and it started to making me a good money to buy something for me and my wife or maybe save the money sometimes and spend on a big things.

FIVERR is just EXTRA SAVINGS for me.


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Fiverr for me is a method of stretching my creative ability. I’m still discovering what I am capable of, and fiverr has given me the means to bring the abstract to reality.

As income, I’ve come to realize that fiverr is best used as either a bargaining tool or just extra savings.


Fiverr’s a few things for me.

I am working on my bachelor’s in metaphysical therapy (Tarot, runes, reiki, etc.) so this gives me practice and allows me to build a foundation for my future, all while making income on the side.

The money I make on Fiverr is basically my play money. I have too much pride to let my husband buy me everything so I use the money here to buy myself clothes (changing out of my maternity wardrobe!) and buy my son cute little outfits! :slight_smile: