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As your level goes up, the buyers get worst

No disrespect but I do think you’re wrong.

Bad buyers target sellers of all levels, although in my experience they are most likely to hit on new sellers without a level.

Over the years I have learnt that buyers who try to drive the cost down from the start or ask for more services than a gig offers are not worth dealing with. They’ve set out their pitch from the beginning - they’re going to be trouble. Forget them.

Why are you providing unlimited revisions? That is crazy. You are almost inviting bad sellers to order from you and then abuse you. They will be attracted by the ‘greed’ element, but you will never please this type of buyer - as you have discovered to your cost.

I’m not saying my way is right, but I don’t offer any revisions. I still get sales. If I’m feeling generous and the buyer seems a decent sort, then I will be happy to help them out with a revision if they later ask, but I don’t make it part of the gig.

Your premise that as your seller level goes up, the buyers get worse is wrong. It’s all about how you sell your gig and yourself, and how you manage buyers.


I provided unlimited revisions initially because I was a completely new seller with no orders and no ratings. As I got more orders, I wanted to decrease the revisions but then was advised that my gig would no longer show up in searches if I edited it so I kept the gigs with unlimited revisions.

My premise that the seller level attracts the bad buyers is because coincidentally I got two bad buyers back to back and that surprised me since when I was a new seller I mostly got people who were kind, very appreciative about the work I did and left tips to show so upon entering level one and receiving two bad buyers one after the other, I was aggravated, hence the post title.

That’s very bad advice. In the future, whenever you see advice posted on the forums, look at the profile of who’s posting it. At least half of the advice on “how to be successful” is posted by people with no sales or reviews.


It is good advice to not unnecessarily edit gigs but when something needs to be edited it definitely should be done asap while also checking if there’s anything else to fix at the same time.


Hello there!
Well, from my experience in the freelance world, I believe that as your level goes higher, more responsibility is expected from you as a seller. This is primarily the reason buyer love to contact old or high-leveled sellers. I suggest that in case something like this happens again, try explain to them in the clearest of terms. Let them know that you would not be to execute the job properly. If the communication done properly, I think there’ll be a change. Also, you can use this to work on your efficiency.


Er, the problem here wasn’t my efficiency, it was the buyer wanting a lot more for the amount he wanted to pay and then leaving a low review instead of going to a different seller ( there are literally thousands of voice over actresses on fiverr) even though he got exactly what he wanted in a short amount of time. The previous buyer that left a low review also said it was perfect and exactly what they wanted so I really don’t think it’s up to me what they say, they do what they want at the seller’s expense.

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If we’re keeping it a buck, there’s some truth to what you just said. We just gotta keep hoping that we only come in contact with buyers who know what they want. Thank you!

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Check the forum, you will find tons of post that the person lost the ranking after the modification to the GIG.
Even if there is 1% chance that the ranking is lost after the modification, I would not recommend it. Just because it have not happened to you! doesn’t mean it is not there.

Yes, there are a lot of instances, when you the ranking is not lost when you edit like.

Increase in level (Personal Experience)
Price hike (mine was lost when I decreased it)
Once in 3 months (Personal Experience)

If you think it need to be fixed Fix it

P.S I am not in Favor of unlimited revisions. I hate those as well.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s “lost”. Ranking changes all the time. If you need to change the gig, you change it, and then you wait. That’s all. Changing the gig to improve it is more important long term than losing rank temporarily.

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Edit the GIG … Loose the raking and never know if it is gonna resume the ranking or not. May be or may be not, you never know.

Is it worth Taking that Risk,

All this because some percentage of clients (usually 1% in my case) abuse the system.

In a long run
Don’t forget the more % of clients that will spend on you for the feeling that they will get unlimited revisions.

Still it is your personal choice.

That is a bad thing to tell anyone, not even knowing the situation

My method for making edits is to wait til I have a couple of orders on that gig and then make the edits I need to make.
Then I deliver the orders in the queue and that seems to help with ranking. No guarantees and it might be coincidence though.

This is a common but not necessarily true belief. Those buyers who are professional and know what they want don’t want to spend days or weeks requesting loads of revisions. Those who want unlimited revisions tend to be those who can’t communicate their needs properly and/or want to get multiple versions for the price of one.
Personally, I wouldn’t order from someone offering unlimited revisions. If it cant be done right after 3-4 then it’s unlikely it can be done at all.
Don’t forget that Support sees unlimited as meaning forever not just til the order is complete.


I usually wait for at least 2 months or not do the editing if things are going right, even if there are things that needs fixing.

adding to it “those who are re sellers”

P.S. I hate unlimited revisions and do not recommend using the unlimited revisions (I do use it, in case my gig ranking is lost for some reason) but when things get back on track I remove the unlimited revisions and like you said when there are some orders in Queue and it can get back on track.

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I offer 1 revision. Anything more, and they have to pay for it. Also, if someone attempts to haggle over price, they receive my standard reply.

"Thank you for your interest in my gig. Unfortunately, your budget for this project does not correspond with my rate. I wish you the best of luck with your project, and feel free to get in touch if you have a project and budget aligned with my rates.

All the best,

I don’t haggle over price. Ever. If they try, I shut them down. I have fixed discounts for longer reads, but that is something I will clearly inform about if their script qualifies.


Stick to your guns next time and say ,this is the price, if you don’t like it, go to another seller’’. I don’t encounter these situations because I give them the offer and leave them to decide, some of them buy, some of them don’t say nothing and I already know they won’t buy. There are a lot who want a lot of things, high quality services for nothing, it’s up to you to decide if you’ll keep the price you know it’s worth it or do the job for pennies and also risk getting a bad review like your situation. Anyway, good luck in what you’re doing.

@eoinfinnegan and @priyasumit786, you said you use to edit your gigs when you have several orders in queue. Does changing your prices affect the orders in queue? For example, if I raise the price from $20 to $30, will the buyers who already placed an order when the price was $20 be charged 20 or 30 when the order is completed? Because, although it costed $20 when they ordered, at the time of completion the price of that gig became $30.

No, it won’t affect existing orders. Payment is done when they order, not after.


I have made that change not so long ago, I went from unlimited revisions to 2 revisions. Best decision I’ve ever made!! I still get the same amount of buyers, nothing has changed, and my gig is in the same position that it was before. Page 2. I highly recommend you to do this, having unlimited revisions was a nightmare to me, and I regret waiting this long to make the change.
Also, I have made changes to my gig multiple times and that has NEVER affected it’s position!


Perfect. Thank you for confirming!


Try to up your prices (x2 for example).
I think you would reduce the number of unfair buyers.
Because they also risk their money (2 more money than actually).
I made that when I get update to level 1.
I just lose my previous buyers, but gain new.
So I work less for a same price and have less disadvantage

I’ve written a post the other day when I changed some things about my gigs, it doesn’t actually do much to your ranking:

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