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Welcome to a new Q&A thread brought to you by several Super Sellers within your Fiverr Ambassador team. We’re here to help answer any questions you might want to ask, either about your work if you need advice, or any questions about how we do what we do that you’ve been wanting to ask.

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Hi :slight_smile: May I ask for your team to check my gigs and tell your opinion about my gigs ? And I ahve difficulties to have customer ? where are the customers ? so difficult to get them …


Reply to @basketball0535: As usual, share your gig here for tips and tricks - See more at:


Reply to @hamza_k:

Hi Hamza,

I echo Tom’s sentiments exactly. Your current gigs are basically revolved around you being a virtual assistant. Trouble is, there are 1000’s of other virtual assistants selling on the Fiverr platform.

How do you stand out and get more sales? Simple - promote yourself, not just your service. There is a fine line between service promotion and self promotion.

Imagine walking into two shops to buy a loaf of bread. Both shops have the exact same bread, at the exact same price. What makes you choose one shop over the other? Brand recognition. You are your own brand. Promote yourself and present yourself to the buyers more.

If you don’t want to present yourself directly, then change what your brand is. Rather than being you, look to brand yourself as a business - get a logo, a consistent colourscheme, consistent images across your gigs and consistent video presentations. Don’t just make people want your service (as so many people offer it), make people want YOU for the service.




Hey Super Sellers!

I have been on fiverr for about one month selling my article writing gig and i got only 3 sales and earned $28 even though my gig clicks are more than 179. any thoughts???


Hi! you are doing great job. May you please look on my gigs and give suggestion to how to improve them and get order, because i didn’t get any order since last month :frowning:

Thank you :expressionless:


Hi super seller! Thanks so much for the time you are spending to help us! If you have time, could you look at my gigs and offer advice, my most popular ones are my alapca and the scrabble ones. I hope you have time to look at it. Have a great day!


Reply to @annai80: Great questions!

  1. Becoming a TRS has had a very positive effect, everything from increased reputation, to the ability to process larger orders.

    The only aspect some may consider negative is the expectation. As a TRS, buyers expect the work to be the best in the community and have little wiggle room for indifference, unlike room possibly given to newer sellers. However, TRS are chosen for a reason and as long as you are aware of this going in you have nothing to worry about! It can be a big step up but myself (and I’m sure others), relish the challenge.

  2. I’m always suggesting changes and I think as a community we all should - whether that’s on the forum, or directly to customer support. Picking just one change is difficult, however if I were to look at the grand picture, my biggest change would be to have a visible roadmap to users - i.e. a feature which show changes in the works and on their way to completion. When I dissect this feature though, I’m not sure how possible it is. Fiverr innovates in a marketplace which has sprung up many copycats. Publicising upcoming changes could see them copied early or undermined.




Thanks a lot for sharing :wink:


how can i get a job


Reply to @mirazfacebook:

We’d love to help you with this question. Can you make it a little more specific for us?


Hi there,

I am glad that fiverr always helped and motivated its sellers to improve. I really love the way fiverr support us. I am happy being promoted to level 2 - now aiming for top seller.

On my promotion, lots of spam messages start coming to my inbox which fiverr blocked itself - same I cant respond to them. This affect my response rate coming down from 100% to 93%. If this happens again and again, response rate and my promotion will be affected.

Secondly, the services I am offering on fiverr are so unique that my every delivery is exclusive and time consuming. I am more focused on rating (quality delivery) than earning money (quantity deliveries).

Please let me know if I will be promoted to top seller in near future or should I have to focus on quantity also?


Arsalan Jilani


Reply to @annai80:

  1. Becoming a TRS, for me, has been nothing but positive. It’s basically a signal to your clients that you have an established business and reputation. It also comes with a few added perks such as more extras.
  2. My change would be such a silly little thing, but I would bring back the To-Do number counter in the header bar. I used to love that thing! I would use it to manage my workflow all the time. But, I have to admit, I do love how the site continues to look cleaner and cleaner with every upgrade.

    Thanks for the questions!


Hello, Thank you I will look into doing that, thanks very much for your time!


Such a great feature. Thank you for taking the time :).

My questions would be…

  1. How did the TRS status affected you in a negative or positive way?
  2. If you could change one thing on Fiverr what would it be?

    Thank you!


Reply to @newbold3d: Second that, video can increase your sales by over 200%


Reply to @julipalmer7:

Hey Juli! Your gigs already look great but there is always room for improvement. For me Fiverr sales really took off when i decided to add a personal video of my self presenting my service. Buyers really like that personal connection and it will help give them confidence in their purchase.

All the best! Tom


Hello, can you look on my gigs if its not a trouble and see where I can improve on? Thank you.


Reply to @reddhorrocks: Thanks for that response. I will work for it! :slight_smile:


Reply to @awesomesachi:

Hi there! Top Rated Sellers are selected by the Fiverr Editorial team based on completed sales and rating. There isn’t an exact formula that we know of. Do your best to produce great work and excellent customer service and you could very well be selected!