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Hi there, I am thinking about becoming a Fiverr Seller, doing graphic design for stationery, logos, newspapers, newsletters etc, but I am unsure what I should do to get started. Can you give me some tips? I want to get my gig right the first time if possible. Thank you in advance, regards Cathy


How can I become a Top Rated Seller?


Reply to @jadesmummy:

Hi Cathy! My best advice to start with is to really put some time into coming up with your gig listing. Make sure you word it well and polish it up. If you already have some samples of your work, include those, and if possible make a gig video. You’ll have the most success if you show people the range of work that you can do. Other than that, be patient when you post your gig. It can take time to build up a client base. Good luck and let us know if you have any further questions!



Reply to @newbold3d: Thank you so much for the advice :slight_smile:

I wish I could be fiverr ambassador one day :slight_smile:



What is your advice for generating more traffic to your Fiverr profile?



Reply to @hamza_k: Hi there :slight_smile:

You need to add some personality to your gigs - try to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Use an image of yourself as your avatar, create a video of yourself presenting your gig. This will no doubt boost your sales and take you closer towards becoming a super seller. Currently, your buyers don’t know who they are buying from.

Good luck!



Reply to @divergents: Get a video up asap my friend! :slight_smile: After i put a video on my gig my sales went crazy!



Reply to @suzysays: Thanks so much for asking this, I am in a similar situation I think and I get overwhelmed when my order list starts hitting double digits - especially when some of those are big scripts, so am always incredibly impressed by the VO artists that can do dozens of orders every day. @reddhorrocks, thanks for your answer, you’re very inspiring!


Reply to @hamzaakram873:

As you have 179 clicks but only 3 sales, this tells me your conversion rate is low - meaning people are finding your gig but not going through with the purchase.

There could be many reasons behind this (such as just browsing, search engine crawlers etc). However, for arguments sake let’s assume it’s because your gig could be improved to convert more.

Looking at your article writing gig, I see numerous things I would change:

  1. Your first image is nicely designed (although the wrong sizing), whist your other two images are just stock graphics. This doesn’t make you stand out or personally present you. Look to use these other two image spaces to push two things:

    The 2nd image should outline and define what the user receives for $5 (making it really clear in bullet point form).

    The 3rd image should outline and define extras available, and what they are/do (many sellers just assume buyers will see the extras at the bottom and add them, that’s not the case). You need to highlight what you extras are more, and why the user should add them to their order.

  2. Although you have a video, I don’t mean this in a harsh way, it’s quite boring. It’s just another whiteboard animation which we need to read the screen for 30 seconds. The music is quite nice but it doesn’t actually captivate me, I find my attention leading elsewhere. Look to improve this. For example, you could use the exact same video, just add a voiceover on top to read and expand upon the text on screen - captivating the audience and creating a 'tone, and subconscious level of trust.

  3. Remove of simplify the jargon. A lot of times buyers are looking for your type of service because they have been told they need articles for search engines but don’t really understand a lot more than that (those that really understand usually write the articles themselves). Phrasing such as “Top Rankings In SERPs” can confused people. Not everyone knows SERPS means “Search Engine Result Pages”. You are really slimming down your market when you bring in jargon, you are completely closing out the Layman’s

  4. The pricing of your 1,200 word article extra makes no sense. You say you will write a 1,200 word article for $10 extra (meaning $15 in total), whilst I could just order your gig with a quantity of 2 ($10) for a 1,400 word article. This kind of pricing can deter users because it’s suspect, which could throw your whole service into doubt (it’s only a small issue but why would a user buy from someone where there is a doubt, when there are hundreds of other gigs with no such issue?)

    There’s a few pointers to get you started :slight_smile:




Reply to @silberma1976:

When I first started, Fiverr had a lot less gigs in my niche, so promotion wasn’t really something I had to do.

However, in regards to promoting now, there are numerous things you can do:

  1. If you have a popular gig but find all the others lacking in sales, look to interlink your services by mentioning your other gigs within your popular one (for example, in your buyer instructions you may say “Whilst you wait for me to complete your order, check out some other services I have available: LINK HERE”

  2. Fiverr receives so much traffic I actually like to concentrate on promoting my gig on the platform, as opposed to looking into bringing in more traffic (as there’s already plenty to get sales). To promote yourself on the Fiverr platform make sure your gig is presented to a high quality - nice images, a nice video, call to action title etc. Things like gig images can actually be outsourced to other Fiverr sellers.

  3. If you’re struggling for steady sales, use the buyer requests section. These are literally buyers with money waiting. If you can secure their custom, you could be secure ALL of their future custom (as by posting they’ve indicated they have not found what they need, and if you do a good job they will likely just return to you rather than look again).




Reply to @harleewood: For sure use the channels you might already have available to you, post on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Upload video to you tube, write on your blog. Even tell your friends and family what you’re up to.

Also take advantage of your free Fiverr business cards:


Hi Fiverr Super Sellers!

First, thanks SO much for having this thread. Such a wonderful way that you’re giving back to the community.

Quick question that’s had me stumped recently. There seems to be a bit of a gray area with outside communication here, and it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t ok from the TOS! (For instance, Skype is a banned word, but many of us, myself included, provide Skype Consultation as approved Gigs)

I’m aware that YouTube is an “approved” link, but do you know what the policy is on including a link to my blog or twitter feed within my main profile? I feel like I’ve seen this from time to time, but can’t find any examples at the moment. In any case, I want to be able to demonstrate that I have built a “brand” online, but I don’t want to get in trouble.

Thanks so much,



Reply to @dingodudette:

Hi dingodudette,

I cannot see your specific gig as it has been removed (as you say, probably due to inactivity). If you can reactivate it, I can provide more specific tips.

In regards to the video, you don’t necessarily have to appear on video yourself. Take a look at my post about alternative methods here:

A video isn’t just about presenting yourself, it is about captivating your audience and prompting users to checkout your gig because it has something they are probably curious to watch (as oppose to read).

Videos are fantastic because they subconsciously ‘set the tone’, and provide an added level of trust, increasing the chances of conversion (for example, a nice voiceover can really resonate with a buyer).

Videos can also be used to market away from Fiverr, in the hope of drawing traffic and customers back to your gig. Don’t write off a video just because you don’t want to appear in it yourself.

As a side note - my bestselling gig had a video when it was first launched. It was recorded in very low quality and a poorly lit room. The fact I still engaged the audience bought in a lot of sales, compared to nothing at all.




Hi, I’ve had a gig on here for a long time with not one sale. I engaged a few fiverr sellers to help me with the gig listing, but not one order. I have not the personality to make a video of myself and am about the pack it in. Can you have a look at my gig (I think it has been taken off due to inactivity) and tell me what the problem is? Thanks, dingodudette


Hey take a look to my gig … any tips for get sales ?


Hello Friends,

I have been on Fiverr from past 1 year or so

From past few months i am not getting orders at all

What’s the reason and how to do gig promotion

There are some sellers who become super seller within few months

But its not working with me :frowning:

Kindly help someone



I do not find this site user friendly at all. You don’t and can’t expect much for a fiver anymore, eh?


Sorry I posted here, but apparently my “FORUM ID IS MISSING” and theres no where obvious to see how to resolve that


I have been on Fiverr for a little over a year. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my talent with so many who are interested. I am interested in expanding but had a few questions to ask about effectively showing a portfolio.

I already have one gig posted that features drawing caricature designs. I have been happy with the success of that gig and can only hope for more. I am interested in expanding to logo, t-shirt and business card design but I am confused as to how to keep my turnaround time fairly reasonable (7 to 14 days) but deliver the actual product. My local printer takes 7-21 business days to send me the final product in which I would then have to package and ship to my buyer. It just seems very difficult to do under a specific time limit.

As a caricature artist, I can digitally draw the character and email a file in a day or so. Done, easy. However, with a logo, t-shirt and business card, there is a process that comes with the delivery. Do you design and order the cards yourself? If so, how do you deliver to the client? How then does the client post the final end product on Fiverr and give you a recommendation? I’ve seen several Sellers have the final product (especially business cards and t-shirts) posted along with positive ratings, but I am curious as to how they did that?

Could someone please explain the process? I would love to expand my gigs but I would like to learn how do the sellers create the file, get it printed, deliver the final and post it with real actual comments from the buyer all in a “fair” amount of time?


I am a new Seller. I joined to Fiverr few days ago. I have good working experience. How can i increase my sells here? Is my all Gigs OK ??