Ask about Rating


Hi! I want to know that How to increase my rating I have just 1 -ve feedback and some feedbacks are with 4 star or 3 star and my rating is decreased :frowning:

Kindly tell me How to increase or stable rating because I see many seller profiles that has many -ve feedbacks but they heva 99% OR 98% Rating How ?


Reply to @laughingcrow: not exactly true: when percentage reach 99.x% (where x should be 5 but I’m not sure of this), shown percentage will be 100% :smiley:


Just try to improve your deliveries, provide an outstanding customer service, always be polite and honest… and your buyers are going to give you higher ratings probably :slight_smile:


No bro i want to increase My rating Percentage now my rating is 94% How to increase it ?

is it possible when in future I will get 5 star rating on my gigs then my this rating percenatge increase to above 94% ?


Sure, but every positive review is going to count as one on the total; so to raise your percentage you have to receive many good reviews and no bad ones !!


Reply to @flintoff: Because ratings are percentages, you can only offset a bad review with another good review. To get it to 95%, you will need an averag of 95 5-star reviews out of 100. So the only way to up it is by getting more 5-star reviews.

It can, however, never reach 100% because you have some lesser reviews in it.


Why do you expect 5 star ratings when you yourself rate every buyer with 4 stars? That’s kind of rude I think. A buyers ratings may not matter but if they give you 5 stars and you give 4, that is insulting and I wouldn’t expect any repeat buyers. If I can be honest, your 10+ gigs and their presentation seems a little scammy looking to me. In one comment a buyer said your information was easily found on the Internet and not original. A buyer wouldn’t say that unless they had actually found the information on the Internet. However you commented back that it wasn’t available on the Internet. That’s like if you told someone your user name is flintoff and they said no its not. Well you know it is because you have seen your own username and the person arguing with you looks foolish. In this case, the person found the information they paid you for to be readily available on the Internet. They saw it, they know it’s there, but you argued with them despite the fact that they know they are right.

Basically top quality work, top quality communication and top quality customer satisfaction are the keys to Fiverr success. You will never improve you rating with 4 star buyer reviews, providing generic Internet information and arguing with customers. This behavior will insure you don’t get repeat customers and that your rating will continue to decrease until buyers begin to avoid your gigs all together.

Re-evaluate your work ethics and try to correct and improve them. That is the only way to get a better rating.


Reply to @laughingcrow: many buyers don’t, sure!

But when I’m a buyer I always search “negative reviews” for sellers I’m choosing… never mind the percentage :wink:


Reply to @mark74: Semantics, even if it hits 99.999% and be shown as 100% it won’t ever actually be 100%. Of course, buyers don’t care about that :slight_smile:


Reply to @missashley8705: thanks Alot your advice is very usefull for me I’ll follow this :slight_smile: