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Ask and You...More than Likely will Receive


So, I’ve only been on Fiverr for a few months now, but I seem amazed at how much traffic I get. Specifically, how much traffic I get now that I’ve started including what I would call a ‘default signature’ to all of my gig communications.

But for those who don’t want to read my whole explination let me provide the quick dime store version:

If you have multiple gigs somehow related to one another, don’t be shy, when you complete an order tell the buyer, 'oh by the way I offer this as well and I think it would be fitting for you.'

Most recently I’ve seen a lot of traffic to my Resume gigs and I started thinking, hey I have a cover-letter gig that would go hand-in-hand with this I’m going to start telling every buyer when I submit their resume that I can do a cover letter.

What’dya know I started doing that and suddenly I have people asking for cover letters. So how do I tell them, well here is an example of what I put at the end of each ‘Delivery’ communication:


Please consider also purchasing my cover letter gig today.

I have enjoyed providing this work for you.


I may change the wording in each delivery but the same idea is there. I’m not sure how others approach it, but I thought this was a good tip to share.


Great tip. Thank you. I will definitely use it :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback organic… I hope to keep providing useful tips in the future.


Usually I’d do what everyone else does and say this is a good tip without reading, simply for publicity reasons. But sheet, this is a damn good tip!


Nice tip to try.


I will certainly be trying this - Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Reply to @sandra4service: I would love to k now how this tip worked out for you.



This is the kind of positive and forward thinking that creates high level sellers.

Keep up the good work.


My goal is to eventually make it to a TRS or Featured, but only time will tell. Hopefully I will make it there.


Reply to @madmoo: Yes, that would be great to do. Thanks for the tip!


Reply to @apicturesworth: I"m glad you found this useful. I keep a text document that has standard replies in it, so I can easily cut/paste what is needed for a given situation. Makes responding very fast. And I even have the doc on my smartphone so that I can pull the same lines to respond via my phone when I’m not at a computer and want to respond quickly.