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Ask Andy Webinar 1 - Getting Set Up on Fiverr

Hi everyone, my name is Andy,

I put this webinar together, offering tips and advice for getting your business set up on Fiverr. As an experienced seller, and Super Seller, I have some tips and tricks that I’d like to share with you.

Nice to see you coming!!

I’m looking forward, Andy!

what kind of things do i can sell on fiver?

waiting for your golden tips

Looking forward to it. Would be definitely nice to have these tips summarized by experienced seller like you Andy. In the meantime new sellers can browse this forum for many great advises.

I am interested to get more buyer . But is there any specific way that we can get them . I daily submitted offer , but not a single interview in everyday , What I supposed to do ? Thanks

Keep it up and I am Wait for your webinar

Hi Andy
Thanks for hosting a webinar. I’m quite new here and wanted to know how I set up my PayPal account in order to get paid?
Also, do I get the full amount or does fiverr receive a share?


Hi andy, I have a problem. There does not seem to be any customer support at
I have purchased a ‘GIG’ I did this without having a fiverr account. I then followed the link on the email and created an account. The ‘GIG’ doesn’t appear to be on my dashboard, how can I contact the seller with my specifications?

I like to this. I’m waiting

I am interested to get more buyer . But is there any specific way that we can get them , What I supposed to do ? Thanks

I really need the help.

I would love to share this seminar to some relatives in Manila. Expect a bunch of us Randy!
More power to you!

i like this

Looking forward to the webinar.
Quick question: which are the most active categories on fiverr? As a seller, I have skills across multiple disciplines and I’m not sure which one to pursue religiously.

I look forward to it Andy!

Looking forward to the webinar.

Hi andy,

I am very new here !! waiting to get golden tips from you…How i can increase sell…!!

Great Idea Andy!