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Ask Andy Webinar 1 - Getting Set Up on Fiverr

Looking forward to it

On your top right side, you will see the dropdown menu. Please click and you will see help.
Or look the footer section , you will also find the help . Click help and it will direct you help page. Sign in and submit request.

Thats it . Any question , please feel free to ask.


I love fiverr Because this is the most and big social media service

I m new worker but i have already 5 years experience so need you any help contract me i will help you.


Can’t wait to see your golden tips Andy!

Thank you Andy!
Looking forward to get some tips and implement them!

Yeee…It’s will be great to get tips from a Great seller like you…

sir waiting for your golden tips

Hello Andy! Can’t wait to learn new things with you :slight_smile:

I am interested to get more buyer . But is there any specific way that we can get them . I daily submitted offer , but not a single interview in everyday , What I supposed to do ? Thanks

I’m interest too! See you soon!

I am interested to get more buyer .Looking forward to the webinar.

waiting for your golden tips

Will we really see you coming? (c/f first response)

No questions here, but I hope you can address marketing for new sellers–and realistically at that. Perhaps even underline the need to continue improving their business English and learning international business conventions?

As such, if you follow the questions here, you’re basically going to be doing a step-by-step guide on starting an account, creating your first gig etc with some “killer tip” that “makes sales easy”, which is detrimental to everyone imo.

For the posters: can’t any of you use Google?

i am waiting for ur golden ideas

How to leave a negative feedback on seller that has not completed work without refund

You can’t. You lose the right to moan when you get your refund. You could start up a thread to name and shame though. But why not do a bit of research to check which part of my advice is leading you up the wrong garden path first?

Hi Andy,
waiting for your golden tips… :slight_smile:

I’m excited to hear your advice and learn some tricks to sell more. Maybe it can relate to my video creation services…

We won´t and we do not want to see that!

very much interested