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Ask Buyers to try other services while delivering?

Hello Fellow Sellers,

Do you ask your buyer to try your other services or refer you to someone else while delivering your current project ? I never did this but was wondering if it would increase my sales. What are your thoughts?

Yes, I do this once in a while. Only when I think it’s a fit to the gig they already bought or when it’s an improvement —> upselling! But never to spam or to be anoying or when it’s totally unrelevant​:+1::+1::raised_hands:

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Imagine you just bought bread and when paying for it, the cashier asks you to try the jelly, PB or even some milk.

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No more like this… when the customers buys a snapchatfilter and gives a indication they would maybe also like a cartoon version of them self on it.

Or when someone buys a facebook add or profile picture, but it could be professional and great to also have a matching facebook header.

Or an add for christmas sales, but an extra add for new year would match aswell.

Or you offer them more headers so that they can alternate them. Etc.

Only when there is an indication the customer would appreciate it.

It’s not a new concept: it’s called upselling… it could bring some extra service to the customer, when done right.

Even at macdonalds they ask if I would want some sauce with the fries :joy::joy:

It’s more like when you just bought bread and when paying for it the cashier asks if you want a plastic bag with it. Or when they ask if you would like anything else or if there’s anything else they could help you with👍